Cheapest phone for xdrip

Looking for the lowest cost phone for xdrip use.

I have a phone but stone age version of android and cannot be updated

I use Moto g power. Xdrip works great. $150. Android 10, bluetooth 5, 5000 mAh battery lasts all day.

Have you actually tried running Xdrip, or are you just assuming it doesn’t work because your phone is old? The premise of Xdrip is sorta that it works on ALL android phones. Though, I suppose the OS has changed enough that this can’t be 100% true. They don’t actually publish system requirements anywhere, but I know of phones running Android 5 (lollipop) that Xdrip works on. Those phones are like 7-8 years old now. Whatever the requirements are, they’re really low.

Can you better define cheap? It’s there anything particular you’re looking for? Do you want cheap, but still new and shiny? In which case you’re looking at $100-300 for a sub-par unit that won’t get much support in the coming years… But still may be good for your needs. I’d be looking in the amazon warehouse, or best buy’s open box deals. I just looked, there are phones as cheap as $50 in the amazon warehouse, but they might be just as old/outdated as your current one. The $50 ones I looked at came with Android 4 installed, but could be updated to Android 5.

If you really don’t care about anything other than price and if it runs Xdrip… I would take to Facebook. I can nearly guarantee there’s at least one local group that’s all about selling/trading things. (Craigslist feel out of fashion a looking time ago and was replaced by local Facebook groups.) If you join that group(s?) and tell them that you’re looking for a second-hand Android phone to run a medical application, free or cheap… You will probably get several offers of free phones that will meet your needs. It’s very rare for anyone to hold onto outdated tech anymore. Most people replace their phones every 1-3 years, and the old ones just collect dust. They’re happy to clear them out of the closet. You can probably score an upgrade for little to nothing out of pocket.

Be aware though, that the battery life will probably suck on it. You might not notice it if your not the type to spend half the day staring at the screen, but if it’s really bad, you might have to replace the battery. If you’re a handy person, phones are really easy to fix. The screen comes right off with a hairdryer, and the batteries only cost around $15. There will be plenty of tutorials on YouTube, no matter the model. If you’re not comfortable with that, though, it may cost like $100 to pay someone else to do it for you.

I looked at the Moto’s and I guess my problem is that they all have horrible reviews (not only Moto) how can a new phone have 1 out of ten be horrific for one reason or another. I know reviews can be fake, but I doubt these are. I was going to get a pixel 4a until I found out their is no manual. What they have is steps on how to go about converting your old phone over. ETC. and youtube vids. Icould do it cold, but I just want a PDF to search. I will prop go with one of the Moto’s

I have tried running Xdrip (even old versions) and get a parse error (been thru all the parse error fixes) I have a galaxy s3 running 4.1.2, so it is stone age, but great for maps etc. Amazon had a moto g7 plus for $119, but it took two days of searching to find a case to fit. Turns out the camera cutout changed and there are only a few cases that fit, even though they claim otherwise. By the time I found a case the price went up 30 dollars. Then the description omitted new and my inquires as to new or not fell on deaf ears. I just want to check on my wife without the bother of looking at the tslim. The fact the pump and reader will not both work at the same time is criminal. I guess I am getting old and ornery. I am just going to get one of the moto’s. I appreciate your extensive reply and great advice.

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