Well, that sucks. Galaxy S10+

Yep - this stinks. Got my brand new S10+ yesterday and after getting it all setup, the Dexcom app does not open due to the phone being unsupported. I have the hacked version working, but the watch face does not work on it. Just a heads up to anyone thinking about upgrading to the new S10.

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use the latest version of xdrip. it will work if you follow detailed directions on xdrip Facebook Groups.

I have been on the HTCU12+ and have never been able to get xdrip to work and also not compatible with Dexcom. I can get clarity reports on phone, but that is it.

OK - I got Xdrip working on the phone, as well as the watch. So far so good!


ah, glad u got it installed. be sure to turn off your phone’s battery optimization for the xdrip app.

have u asked around about settings? You should sign up for the xdrip group in Facebook. that’s about all i ever use FB for, is the groups.

I have 2 copies of xdrip on my S7; one for me and one to follow my wife’s G5. Same for her. xdrip data appears on our Samsung Gear 2 watches. I also follow myself on my tablet. xdrip is very versatile.

when I’m outside working, I turn on xdrip’s Talk feature to tell me my glucose numbers ever 5 minutes (interval is adjustable). that feature has prevented countless lows.

Thanks but I don’t do Facebook

me either, but the groups are invaluable sources of info. Trust me, I have zero love for FB. I wouldn’t bite off my nose to spite my face, is what I’m saying here. :slight_smile:

I have to say… Now that I have X-Drip+ working properly, it is actually pretty amazing. I love the interface, and the watch face is actually useful as a watch as well as glucose monitor. Light years nicer than the stock Dexcom app for sure.