xDrip requires that GPS location services be running

…which, along with Bluetooth, puts too much of a drain on my S7’s battery life. I uninstalled it after months of usage and frustration with having to recharge the phone numerous times during the day. So…is there any android app that will provide CGM data for the G5 WITHOUT THE NEED for GPS services being enabled?

Also, I don’t want to buy a new phone (min of $800), don’t need a new phone, I like my current phone, and the new phone of similar size & make has the same 3,000 mAh battery so I suspect battery life will be no better. I don’t want to buy a larger phone just to get a larger battery. I thought about replacing the battery but it is really difficult to do without breaking the screen or back and there’s no way of knowing if any battery ordered online is truly a legit Samsung battery. Bottom line, I’d like to have CGM data on phone but not if I have to use GPS.

Have you tried Dexcom’s own app?

If the Official Dexcom app won’t install on your phone, the there are several official Dexcom apps with the Play store permissions removed that will.

Yes. I got rid of it the same day that I installed it. :slight_smile: It’s pretty lame, compared to xDrip but the battery usage is problematic for my S7.

Why don’t you just try turning off location? This is just a requirement for older iterations of Dexcom and older phones. Some older phones have BLE tied in with location.

I use my watch as a collector and don’t have location turned on with my watch or my phone and everything works just fine.

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If I turn off my GPS I will no longer get readings.

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