Checking In

I’ve been ‘unwell’ for days now, and I’m so tired of it. Last Friday I saw my GP and he diagnosed bronchitis and changed my antibiotics from Keflex (which I still have about a months supply of) to Vibramycin (2 wks worth). He said to go back on the Keflex as soon as I finished the other antibiotics.

Thing is, the fevers I’ve been having (and accompanying high BGLs) are actually worse this week than they were last week. Amazingly, I can now seem to ‘almost’ function normally at 37 which I’ve never been able to in the past. But I’ve had 37.1 and 37.2 temps in the last few days too, and always seem to match with a high glucose reading. These are underarm temps, so I suppose a degree should be added. My baseline ‘normal’ underarm temp is 36.4. I ordered an ear thermometer one day this week. It’d be nice if it arrives tomorrow.

All my lovely low glucose readings and great averages have slipped away. I saw an add for a ‘Glucoboy’ which is a glucose meter for kids that will also play Nintendo Gameboy Advance games and has various incentives for regular checks and good readings. At the time I read the ad, I thought what a great idea. Now after days of high BGLs through no fault of anything I’m eating or doing, I’m not so sure withholding the ability to play certain levels is fair to kids who happen to be ill and have high readings. Otherwise, what an incredibly cool concept. Just my thoughts.

Was feeling OK enough on Sunday to take my walk. Monday I also went for my walk, but probably shouldn’t have. On the bright side of that, I got my hair trimmed. Love those pensioner discounts. Last night was the computer club’s annual Christmas dinner at the Flagstaff hotel. I was OK while there (napped in the afternoon beforehand), felt really rough in the car on way home. Had a fever spike.

We were out a little while tonight doing weekly shopping. We found a kettle that will boil water, and then keep at whatever temperature you set it for, so you can have perfect temp for being able to drink coffee or tea without waiting for it to cool down enough for it. We both are really happy with it.

Sunday I also uploaded the scans I’ve done recently to Flickr. The link is:

Thats about it for now. Just thought I’d do a check in.