Sick. Again

I hate getting a cold. My nose is plugged, my head feels like it’s barely attached to my neck, my ears are ringing, I’m dizzy, and worst of all, I’m sick to my stomach. Intellecutally, I know this is part-and-parcel of the human existence, something everyone has, but why couldn’t there be an escape clause for those of us who’ve developed a chronic illness?? No “regular person” illnesses for us! It’s enough to deal with the daily burdens of bg testing, insulin injections, lows, highs, ketones, etc. Why add on the craziness of colds and flus, too?

Well, that’s my complaint. I’ve got a cold again and this time, it’s hit me hard. I’m stuffed up, can’t hear, am dizzy and sick to my stomach…basically just feeling completely lousy. The good news? At least I haven’t had excessively high bgs or have developed ketones!

Just can’t believe I developed another cold so soon after the last one a few weeks ago.

Well, there’s definitely something icky going around. I had it for a full 7 days last week, compounded by an infected salivary gland that swelled up the whole right side of my face, and inside of my mouth and hurt like you know what. I live alone, so there was no one to bring me chicken soup, not that I could have swallowed anyway. BGs stayed more or less even on the pump – no food to screw things up, lucky me!!!

I know what you mean. Isn’t Diabetes enough without getting sick too?