I just need a witness

I awoke at 7am this morning with a BG of 433. Did a pretty conservative injection. Awoke at 9am with a BG of 25.

I'm fine, physically and emotionally. I just needed to share that with some folks who understand what kind of start to the day that is.

Thanks and big hugs, y'all

Oh Emily.....I can totally relate to this. Especially the waking up in the morning thing. Here's hoping your day got better. I'm with you in spirit today.


wow em, that's quite a drop in 2 hours. Makes my rotten day of waking up with a 248 and taking until 2:30 to get in range a walk in the park. hugs!

Thanks guys :) Y'all are the best!

Wow Emily glad you're ok now.....but do you know why you were high?
I guess it's a mystery .
BE well

Maybe it was a bad strip? I always recheck when I get an out of whack number like that. Hope you feel better

good point Joe, I do too, and usually on a different meter, but I'm not always making the best decisions when I first wake up.

Wowser! Unfortunately, I have BT & DT! So, in the spirit of Bennet -- LYMI!

I agree with Joe, I try (emphasis on "try") to check and re-check when I get an out of whack number like that, especially if I am not feeling it.

Those super low numbers sometimes cause me to "lose" a whole day, due to feeling shaky and a bit disoriented, even after I get back in range.

Hugs Em!!!

Hate days like that...oh the same in reverse. Best excuse I've so far heard is "seasonal shift" though.

Dear Diabetes Gremlin, please let Emily alone!!
Hugs, Emily!!

Y'all are so wonderful!!!!! Thank you all so much for your comments. The suggestion to re-test is a VERY good one... Which I rarely follow (especially in the middle of the night).

any time, emily, we're all here to help each other

Last week I woke up at 4:00 to my alarm, which I had set because I've been going low almost every morning at about that time. I was 52 and felt pretty sick. I boosted, went to 69, boosted again. When I went to bed I was 158. At 7:00 my meter said HI. I said HI back and had and treated it cautiously. A few hours later I was 39. It happens sometimes, and it sucks, but you just have to deal with it and look at the bright side. :)