Checking in

I haven’t visited tudiabetes for a LONG time, and I really should. This is a great site, and I feel like I’m kinda becoming isolated from people who understand what I feel because of my happy little monster of a…disease? Meh, whatever you want to call it. My last A1C sucked hardcore, I’m really seriously depressed, and people just tell me “That’s life!” No, that’s NOT life. That’s something else. I don’t know what, but it’s NOT life… Sorry, a little negativity leaking through. At any rate, I’m in a rut. That’s all for now. I wish everyone here peace and happiness.

Sorry to hear you are in such a place, it can be pretty hard to get out of for sure. A high A1C isn’t the end of the world but yes, it can be depressing. I don’t think it’s a surprise for anyone but it just confirms your worst feelings about the last few months. So today is a new day, start over again. If you could break down why things are the way they are, maybe some of us can help to straighten you out?

I totally understand a high A1C. A couple of weeks ago, I had the highest one I have had in a year. I kept telling everyone(doctors & diabetes educator) that I was having problems, still the only advice I got was to “watch” my food & insulin. What do they think we do? Anyway, I hope things get better for you. I’m struggling, too, but you have to keep going. I finally got approved by insurance for a CGM. I hope that will help to tell me what’s going on in my body. Good luck to you!..Linda

Glad you’re back. Not many (or any) understand the daily struggles. Depressing? Definitely. Negativity allowed. Only one way to get out of the rut. One step at a time. One positive action leads to another.

Thank you for your comments. You guys are the people who GET this. Like Linda said, when doctors and everyone else say to watch food and insulin intakes…duh! Yeah, I cheat sometimes (it happens). They don’t seem to get that all of that “stuff” just adds to the roller coaster of this. Watch your food and insulin, cheat, feel bad, try to get back to being “good,” fail again, feel bad, eat a candy bar because you feel bad and you really want some GOOD candy (lol), feel bad because you know that your doctor’s gonna find out about it because your next A1C is gonna be 1213432.9, and the cycle repeats. I’m ticked off because I was doing well after I got my pump, and I had my CGM (which isn’t covered anymore), and everything is crashing down (not just diabetes stuff, but life as well). It’s just…AHHHHH! Thank you for understanding.

I want to shoot stright with you on this one if you are doing what you can do then you have to realize it to be that way. I had a doctor tell me that if you start to crave something eat a little bit of it and get rid of the devil because if you do not it will only get stronger and when you get it you will want to have to much of it and that is not good at all. Being a diabetic does not mean you can not have things it means you have to have a very little bit once in a great while. Hope things get better for you as being depressed can affect you readings as well.