Type 2 and Breast Cancer

I have just been dx’d with Stage II B Breast cancer. Last year I was dx’d with Diabetic Mastopathy in my Breasts. Does having diabetes put you at risk for breast cancer?

I’m sorry to read this. I can’t answer your question, but wish you well! Are you in contact with any breast cancer support groups? Good luck in finding speedy answers to all the questions you now face. My thoughts are with you.

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I joined a good online support group and found a local support group called the Gathering Center that offers all types of support for all cancers. I like to do research and all I can find is diabetes puts you at a higher risk but I don’t know why. I have Triple Negative BC which is a more aggressive type of Cancer. I had a whole bunch of mammos last November because they found a small lump. When they took it out it was not Cancer but they told me it was caused by Diabetes. They told me to expect more, but they were not serious but would have to be biopsied. So I was set up for a 6 month follow up mammo. Of course the old spot was fine but they found a new spot which they assumed was probably Diabetic Mastopathy. This was just a month ago. I was told I had TNBC and was advised to have a mastectomy. I opted for a double mastectomy. When the pathology report came back there were actually 4 separate tumors, not 1. The others had not shown up on my mammogram or sonogram. So now my treatment will have to be a lot more aggressive and possibly more surgery to take out my lymph nodes. They did a Sentinnel Node biopsy during surgery and it came back negative but that is when they thought I only had one tumor… If they had known the tumor was so big they would have taken out all my nodes during surgery,

Jeannie, my thoughts are with you. :heart:

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Good for you for locating some peer support. Doctors don’t know everything and other patients often come up with great ideas. This is a tough fight you’re in. Take care and keep us posted, especially for any diabetes related effects.

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