Chicken chili

I’m throwing together a chicken chili.

1 can tomato sauce 24g sugar
1 jar salsa (medium) 21g sugar
1 can Dark kidney beans 2g sugar
1 can white kidney beans 4g sugar
1 can black beans 4g sugar
1 package chili powder 4g sugar
1 green pepper (chopped)
3/4 spanish onion (chopped)
2 packages of pre-sliced mushrooms
450g extra lean ground chicken

64g sugar in 6100 ml of product seems ok, since it gives me 5 or 6 meals.

Opinions wanted and needed

hi Jeroen , recipe sounds good, however I would question , without researching , carb contents ( is this what you mean by using the word sugar ?? ) of the beans , chili powder , salsa and tom. sauce . My humble observation more carbs ( is " sugar " ??) than you have noted. I would think too , that white chicken leaner than chicken legs( dark meat ) …and again I don’t think , that there is such a thing as " extra lean chicken " .
Someone started a discussion not long ago and provided a website about nutritional content of recipe : and someone else provided : …maybe very helpful ?? Cannot recall , how to direct you to this conversation .
happy dining …a bit too far to come over tonight :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked at carb content, I’m trying to more or less to cut refined sugar out of my diet. My main carb source in my old diet was bread and I had way too much of it.

I understand what you are getting at and don’t forget that carbs turn into sugar , whilest( sp ??) being digested …carb counting becomes like " the bible " of food . Bread carbs turn into sugar .
How the Dutch love bread and spuds !!..ask me :slight_smile:
PS and you still have not invited me ?