Chicken or Egg

Which came first the chicken or the egg or maybe a better question. Which comes first insulin resistance or excess weight. Does weight cause IR or does IR cause weight.

As far as I know the jury is still out on that question but my impression is that its both. IR feeds a persons hunger because he or she is not getting the energy into their cells that they need and the excess insulin in the body makes it easy for carbs to turn to fat. It can be a never ending spiral of increased weight caused but IR and even more IR caused buy increased weight.

Not to make any excuses because losing weight and exercising is the best way stop the spiral but it does make it difficult to do.

I hope that one day they figure out this IR thing. And Oh! I would like to know the chicken/egg thing too.

I think that weight is a symptom of type 2 diabetes.

I had this insulin resistance thing for ages before I was diagnosed with T2, and then I was only just borderline. I was eating a good low GI diet, high carb low fat, as I was told to do, just the very thing I should not have done. I was also exercising as I still do. The weight stubbornly refuses to disappear. I wish I knew the answer to your question too.

Since we know that there are many obese individuals who never develop IR or diabetes I would guess that IR is the underlying cause. Once the spiral you described so well starts, it is very difficult to stop. This is especially true if you accept the conventional wisdom that in a healthy diet 45 to 65 % of your calories need to come from carbs. This is like throwing gasoline on a fire IMHO.

If an individual finds themselves in the grips of this spiral substituting whole wheat spaghetti for regular won't do the trick. I think it is a huge mistake to assume everyone's metabolism is the same. For some whole wheat spaghetti is indeed a healthy choice but for others the choice is distinctly unhealthy.

You might find this link interesting - What if obesity has nothing to do with eating too much?

Dr Attia, President and co-Founder of the Nutrition Science Initiative, says we don't know enough about the science of weight gain, and that clinicians - and society - should stop blaming the victims. It is 16 minutes but well worth viewing.


After 50 years, I not insulin resistant at all, but I have always been overweight, often significantly. I have lost lots of weight in my life in spurts, but it always comes back..... I don't eat 900 calories most days. I hear you Cheryl!

AND I choose that the chicken was created, evolved.... But you have to have 2 chickens to make one egg. It has to be right. Even if there was an egg first, it would only become one chicken, so no more eggs and no more chickens!

I didn't have any problem with the link. The video is also on youtube, perhaps that will work better.

Thanks Brian. I've watched the video more than once and my computer has a pretty good virus scan program.

I'm insulin Dependant,and only used a small amount for the first 25 years of my Bete's life. At the age of 55 I started using more, and more, insulin. Weight gain is easy when your older but I was just as heavy at 35 years as I am now at 60. I'm less active and it just does not take much food to support my lifestyle.....I was insulin dependent long before I became IR...My BMI is at the top of normal for my age and hight. If I gain weight it is always around my mid section and my legs and arms stay skinny. My Endo says this is typical of how someone with metabolic syndrome stores fat.

Chicken, I have studied the issue and I can say without a doubt it is the chicken first.


LOL!! Always my choice.

LOL, The answer to the chicken/egg question is just as elusive as the other. In my opinion there were two chicken that created the first eggs but then again it could have been two eggs that became two checks that created even more eggs. I'm so confused I think I need to ponder this some more.

You don’t actually need two chickens to make one egg…

But how did the chicken get there in the first place?!

I think IR comes first....because some type 2 do not have a weight issue, but nevertheless have insulin resistance!

But you do have to have two chickens, A rooster and a hen to make a fertile egg that will become another chicken.

That’d be correct in the world we live in and understand today… Doesn’t explain which came first though… And raises the point that the real question is which came first two chickens or two eggs.