Children With Diabetes Conference

Hi, All-Anyone here going to the Children With Diabetes Conference in Orlando?

Hi Jeffew,

I’ll be there as part of the exhibition at the booth. This will be my 4th or 5th time at a CWD conference. They are lots of fun and lots of great info. As they say, bring an extra bag just for the vendor stuff cause you’ll need it for the trip home :wink:

Where can you find out about the conferences? I live in Phoenix. is their website. It is another online community. Their conferences are awesome! Our family has been to many. They are very family friendly and they take great care of your kids so you as a parent can have time to break away and do some learning and meeting other parents in the same shoes. They also have lots of exhibitors that bring great stuff to check out and as Jeffew said you really do need to pack and empty bag on the way out because it will be filled with great stuff when you leave! Exhibitors are very generous. The conference fee itself is inexpensive. You do have to pay for hotel and getting there, but they pay for lot of other stuff as you will see when you check out the website. Can’t say enough good things about them and the people running it.