China epicenter has good news


can’t even get a "like"for that news? c’mon people. lighten up.

Good news after two months of very strict quarantine. It shows the virus transmission can be interrupted with extreme social distancing measures. My big question is whether the virus will start spreading again once some of the quarantines are lifted?

Vo Euganeo, Italy beat them to it. :slight_smile: Though, it shows promise happening at the epicenter.

There’s been lots of talk of sheltering-in-place protocols extending for six months, or even longer, with so much unknown. I think it’s actually exciting to see how big of a difference just a few weeks of it can make.

antimalarial drug may prove effective against COVAID-19. Are you watching the news? And there is another drug or two that looks promising.

You all take care. I’m leaving this site today. I;'m sure you’ll all be thrilled!!

Oh No

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I do watch news quite closely, but mostly local and national news. The medical trials are happening but I’m not following them closely (I don’t follow diabetes cure research closely, either). Eventually, they will come out with a vaccine; this won’t last forever.

In good news, there are a lot of local community groups coming together to help one another. I just joined one, in case I can help someone else or need help in the future. Let’s hope this sort of thing continues after this pandemic is over.

World Feared China Over Coronavirus. Now the Tables Are Turned.

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Can you believe what they are reporting?