Exactly what are the rules for Covid-19

I’ve seen so many people speaking about what to do during this Corona virus. This pretty well sums up the messages we have been getting.


Hahahahaha!!! My feeling entirely! Thanks, @Slemwinder_Gary.

She would fit in perfectly with my corporate managers, no additional training needed. :rofl:

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Oh my gosh! :rofl: Too funny!

Hey now. Right on!!!

Every day the information changes.

This captures well the confusing Covid-19 communication delivered to us. It couldn’t be less clear even it were deliberate!

What amazes me, despite built-in contradictions in what we’re told, is the fact that most of us “hear” the clear truth in the muddy message and follow it. Well, at least 80% of us!

One way around it is to ignore some messages and messengers, and rely on high-quality sources. Ambiguity doesn’t bother me so much, particularly in topics where I have a greater depth of knowledge. A better grasp of science and statistics helps, as one understands that there are no absolutes - from a mental perspective since they are certainly ironclad rules for some things - and that findings are given within ranges and probabilities. Also, one needs to consider the motives of the messenger, to understand their bias, why they have that position, and why they are giving that message. Lastly, one should read broadly, within the confines of good sources.

In some cases, as with the virus, after what we’ve been through and found out, it pays to err on the side of caution.


Those are really funny skits that people do. If any one can find the cartoon from March like that where they talk about it being a bat snake man flu, I’ve been looking and looking. It came out prior to them thinking it was from a Pangolin. https://www.sciencealert.com/more-evidence-suggests-pangolins-may-have-passed-coronavirus-from-bats-to-humans

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