Choosing an infusion site

I'd read that the abdomen is where you get the best infusion of insulin. But in my experience, I get very poor infusion there. The only site that works as it should is the lower part of my hip, between my jeans back pocket and side seam. I'm wondering if it has to do with my very low basal rate (.225). It also occurred to me that the fact I do a lot of walking is causing better infusion. Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes, exercise does help. I have a few sites....the best one...the one I use when I know I am not going to want to change it (travelling, for sure) is below the bikini line. I also use the fatty part of my back, above the pants line. It's kind of hard to reach sometimes, but if you can pinch anything back there, that's a good spot. I also use the spot you use, but more towards the back on my butt, it is fattier there than towards the hip. I have used my upper thighs, too, but sometimes that doesn't work as well. I used my abdomen all the years before my pump, so that area is sort of "used up" for me. But I will put it out from the navel a ways and use it once in a while. Just not my favorite spot.

Thanks for sharing!

my sons dr said you get the best insulin absorption in the stomach...i do his stomach and his butt and do not see a difference