Infusion sites

I was wondering what reactions people get from using different infusion sites.

I just tried my buttocks after doing 2 years in my abdomen. All day I have been feeding my insulin. Has anyone else experienced this with this site? I am fairly active so I thought maybe due using those muscles a lot may have caused this???

Any input on experiences about using different sites would be very helpful.


I’ve only used my abdomen for 3 years. I’m starting to wonder if I need to move around but I run a lot and am leery of using anything overly involved in running as I’m concerned it will mess things up, sort of like you are seeing?

I think it’s a very individual thing. I find that I get super absorption in arm sites to the point where I’m also ‘feeding my insulin’. Abdomen and hip sites are average. Love-handle sites are a crapshoot…sometimes good, sometimes bad. Thigh sites are the best for me. Buttocks doesn’t happen for me only because it’s extremely extremely painful for me.

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I just wanted to see. My abdoment is pretty speckled…I just never expected this reaction. I’ll leave it in for now and see how it goes tomorrow. I’ll go to bed with my meter and a roll of Dex…It may just be a fluke and want to give it a chance first. It’s been a while since I wanted to try a different site, but it is more daunting when you work-out a lot.

I think I will try the thighs next. Will give this a chance and monitor closely. I may be too close to muscle and not enough fat. (ha ha, never thought I would say that about my butt). I just wanted to give the belly a break. Thanks for your input!

Maybe you have scarring on your abdomen, & using a fresh site means the insulin is being absorbed better.

This was my thought too Annabella.

I think it is important to move infusion sites around, but my daughter is afraid to use her current infusion set anywhere but her a bdomin. We have spent the last two weeks trying out different infusion sets and we have found that the Paradigm Quick Set makes her feel comfortable to use in all areas, ie: thigh, abdomin, tricep, and lower back.

yep, that’s why i thought of changing areas. Today was not so bad so I will keep trying…

I was quite nervous about changing areas, but felt the belly needed a break. It is scary not knowing what the reaction is going to be.