Co-Pilot Software - Issue with dates

Hey All,
I am having a problem with the Co-Pilot software. The problem might be me, but I wanted to check with you guys. When I get the data from my PDM, it does not include the current day. I have checked the date and times on my PDM, settings and computer. Does anyone know what the problem might be?I just started on the Omnipod on Friday, so I am pretty new to it. I do need to email my Endo my sugars weekly, so I hope I can get this fixed. Any advise would be appreciated.


I’ll have to get on the other computer and play with it.


I’m pretty sure that mine didn’t download the current day either. Shouldn’t be a big problem with your endo though, just a matter of sending Friday - Thursday instead of Saturday - Friday each week (or whatever your days are). Congratulations on starting on the Pods and good luck getting everything set up properly! Welcome to the community.

I just (30 minutes ago) downloaded and noticed the same thing! I think it has to go through midnight before it recognizes it. I’m one of those people that like instant feedback… guess I’ll just learn some patience.

Welcome to the family! You’re gonna love this.

I believe it’s so your data isn’t skewed in terms of total daily dosage and percentage bolus vs. basal, which copilot would be charting. Until a complete 24 hours is charted, that data would throw off your averages. For instance, let’s say you normally run 50/50 basal vs. bolus for 6 days and then the 7th day you download before you’ve taken your first bolus. That day would be 100% basal, obviously skewing your averages.

Great! Thank you everyone for your reply. I guess I just expected it to be up to date.