Co-Pilot time period issues

HI all,

I have been battling this since I got on the omnipod and now it is frustrating me and my trainer. Here is the problem

the time periods that show on my log book, all seem to be in the pre column and not in the pre and post. I eat at 9am, 1pm and 6pm I have the times period set up so pre is 5am-9:00am post 9:01am-1:00pm etc..... does not matter what time period I put it shows up in the pre column. Any idea"s
I have called tech but well they have not gotten back to me yet. have to send my data tomorrow so was hoping to get it resolved today. My trainer keeps asking me why I did not have lunch etc.. but when I tell her I did I point out over the phone where it is. She can't just look at it, I email then we have to talk on the phone since it does not want to co-operate with me. Ahhhh hate windows. LOL

I have attached a screen shot

thanks in advance


1506-ScreenShot20130820at1.31.45PM.png (1.09 MB)

I’d manually change the tag after the test, if it bothered me.

Hi Belinda, thanks for replying,

it is not the tag that is the problem it is the placement in the colums pre, post, units, g that is the issue, they don't seem to be going in the post time that they should be. when you go into the settings glucose tag and set the time periods the PDM data does not follow suite with the co-pilot program.

Why do people hate Windows when it's another company's software that's the problem. If this software were on Mac, it'd run just the same and have the same issues.

Ha ha sorry Scott been having issues lately, you are right it is not a windows issue it is a user & software compatibility. Lol my apologies.

Your screen shot looks like the Mac OS to me?

It is tapestry, I’m using CP in VMware all works just having issues with time period in logbook.

That might be your problem. I recalled when I installed the software, the handout my trainer gave me (I looked at it again when I saw your post) says it is not compatible with Mac. I'm not at all familiar with CP (Control Panel?) or VMware, so the Mac OS may or may not be the problem.

CP is co pilot the software, vm is a virtual machine running windows 7 the VMware is not the issue does the same thing on a windows machine

Ah, thank you. I'm reading through the help files now, but so far I am not finding anything that may help you. If I do find something, I'll post back. Best of luck in finding a solution!

Thanks Tapestry, I am still waiting for Omnipod Tech ppl to call me, called them this morning. lol. hope they know my time zone would suck if I got a call in the middle of the night. LOL

Hi I'm new to your group, I'll try and give you the short and sweet version of the issue. You haven't done anything wrong in your programming or your usage of Copilot. I did some in depth trials with the software before I chose OmniPod and I use the software in depth, the software is developed using an access database, the programmer when creating the report you are using has told the report to grab the first carb in the PDM in the time period segment that you set up for lunch, so it matches up with the first line item in the time segment, it does not associate the event of carb and the BG and insulin delivery as one event. I have written a report to OmniPod here in Canada about the issue when I found it.

The have found that because of the issue above this report is not one I use to look at for carb/insulin/BG for daily events. I use it as part of my tools, but a more reliable one is the Daily Combination Report; I use the Diary list as a back up of info that is always in a chronological format. On your computer with your health care provider you both can use the Daily Combination report or the diary and drill into the screen and all events to see more details on the computer to see more detailed information including what you had for lunch that day.

If you need extra help on Co Pilot I would be glad to help, I am bit tech savvy so it helps knowing the software that it was created with but there are a few tricks I've learned just playing around. The software works on Windows 7 however it was not designed for it; it will have a few glitches, for instance with the date drop down menu but there are work arounds for that too.

I really love the software, and use it often to target and troubleshoot and have been teaching my health care providers how to use it as well. Unfortunately I find my health care providers aren't tech savvy so they sometimes give up really easy.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Izza,

Yeah I know a bit also that is why it was so frustrating. I fixed it however by uninstalling everything and making a clean install. then I set the time periods to match when I ate, viola it worked. after all the trouble shooting right in front of me Mr.Manual showed me the guide which states you should set up time periods prior to entering any data. LOL. but it is running nice on VM windows 7. Still wish they would consider programming it in for Mac's. oh well all is good. Thanks all who donated their ideas to the cause. LOL