Co Pilot

I just called the Dr.s to find out if they had the technology to get my info from the omnipod. I knew they couldn’t download my info at either office, but I thought maybe I could share my info with them thru Co Pilot. It would just make things simpler for me. I don’t even know what report to fax them, and apparently neither do they. They’re not that familiar with Omnipod, it seems to me. So, should I start searching for a new endo? Anyone else go thru something similar?

My endo office is working to get Co_Pilot installed so they can download my info from the PDM at my next visit. I did mention they can review my info at the database level but that didn’t interest them.

Doesn’t CoPilot have an option to email data and/or reports? I’d ask the doc or nurse or PA if that is something they can receive.

Yeah. I already asked and she said they weren’t capable of downloading the info, which says to me that she doesn’t know what I’m talking about. So, I had to go fax my info in. And it seems I’m forever having issues with my sugars

call the omnipod sales rep. they should be able to get your dr the info. I just started on omnipod 2 weeks ago and at the training session my rep gave my dr all the info needed to be ready for my next visit.

Worse case. Can you print it out? I just ordered the omni and specifically asked about software. Then again I was talking to a sales rep.

Ok, I hate to bad mouth omnipod but a)co-pilot is nothing compared to Carelink with minimed…I miss it :frowning:

The reports you will want to print are the omni pod settings report for your basals, targets, etc. It’s the green button that looks like a hammer and wrench. The other is under the reports tab, there are a bunch for BG readings and other for weekly views of the pump usage, etc. It’s no carelink, but its something.

My Endo won’t take credit cards, never mind email. But I just printed out the whole slew of reports for my first visit and she went through them and highlighted the ones she wanted to see again in the future. Kinda a pain the first time but I think it was useful for the visits since then.

My endo wants the logbook report. I print it on legal paper so the font is not so small.