What Omnipod reports do you use for your endo appts? Any tips for running reports?

Hi all,

Our endo is not too keen on the Omnipod and for some reason she never seems to have the software to download reports from the Pod. She has also never mentioned which reports she likes - she's probably not even familiar with the reports that can be run for the Pod. And I'm not really sure which ones are the best in terms of tracking trends and updating basal rates, correction and carb factors, etc. Can you all tell me which reports you run and why?

We see our endo next month but the following month we're going to try another one. He's in a practice that I've heard nothing but great things about, including the fact that they're knowledgeable about all the pumps and not biased. Anyway, I appreciate your input! -- Aimee

Say WHAT?! I can’t believe s/he isn’t more supportive than that. Hasta la vista, #%£?%@&.

I think my specialist just looks at my BG readings but then again, he runs what he wants.

Good luck!

I am T1 + endocrinologist. After trying pods it took me just a few weeks to switch to Omnipod from Minimed. There was some resistance, mostly from endo provider due to lack of familiarity with the software. Since the change I have been printing out and bringing my own reports for the appointments. Myself, personally, I miss Minimed software from time to time. It maybe that this is what I have been using most with my patients. Many providers like Medtronic because the software is good, reports are easy to analyse.

From CoPilot I use most:
- two week glucose summary
- glucose line
- glucose average
- statistics report - important
- Omnipod PDM settings report - VERY IMPORTANT

I hope this helps. Good luck with the new endo :-)

I use the Abbott software with the Omnipod extension. It reads the PDM and will generate several reports including the “Logbook” report that pretty much covers everything. In order to e-mail them you’ve got to save as a PDF file and send as an attachment. Your endo can just open and read them or have them printed. It’s not terribly friendly to learn and only works in Windows, but is thorough.

If the endo is getting lots of these, it would be a bit cumbersome which I think is why I think they get cranky - winds up taking up a lot of storage space. Still easier than saving/storing paper though.

Don’t know why your current endo doesn’t like Omnipod. Have you asked?

all of the above reports, and my endo also likes the pie chart.

My endo just asks for my PDM each visit and downloads the info to report as he needs. Overall though, the medical industry just seems to anti-technology it's really sad.

Yeah, I use the same software, run reports and save them as pdfs. I've just always wondered which reports were the most useful. I think our endo doesn't like Omnipod b/c a lot of her patients have had trouble keeping them on, although I'm not sure she ever really gave me a reason. But another D-mom I know who takes her son there said she heard that our doc won't even meet with the Omnipod reps, which is ridiculous. Guess that's why she doesn't have the software.

mine does too.. my endo is a big techie! lol. but the pump coordinator still asks for these printed reports.