Coeliac, The Other Other Related Condition

I have had diabetes for over 10 years now and as we all know it's pretty tough going. It has it's ups and it's down, but in general I manage. Keep the calm happy exterior us diabetics often have and lead positive lives anyway. The show must go on !!!!

But lately the show has been more like The Producers than Cats. I've been slow, I've been sluggish, but hey it must be the diabetes. I've been tired, I've been losing weight ,but hey diabetes has its complications. I've been chronically exhausted but apparently that's linked to diabetes too. I've seen countless specialists who have diagnosed me with anxiety and little else.

Feeling like my blood was poisoned some days, just about able to get to the hospital to be told ' Are you under stress ?' ' This is probably just stress related, calm down'. Until finally totally by chance I was offered a free food intolerance test. They test something crazy like 80 different foods from 3 drops of blood ! This is going to hurt, the friendly doctor says as he pricks my finger. Diabetics must be their favourite patients I think !!

Two weeks later and low and I head back to my doctors office where he greets me with a huge smile . ' Great, news' he exclaims ' you're results have come back very positive, often we can't help people but you !! We got some really great results!' This is good news , as far as knowing what's wrong and creating a treatment plan, sort of like when you were told you were diabetic that type of 'good news' !

He runs through the list and apparently besides sugar , my body doesn't like a lot of things including : cheese, milk, red meat, eggs, soya, wheat , gluten oh and the dagger in my back ......... wine ! Apparently, I learn, coeliac is much more prevalent in Type 1 diabetics or individuals with autoimmune disorders. Wonder why no-one at my diabetes clinic thought of these tests ?? Essentially every time I was savouring my low GI seed bread and carb counting, my body was trying to inflame the food ( hence my bloated inflammation ).

Luckily for me ( same version of lucky as good news) there are plenty of coeliac alternatives . Since cutting all my tummies enemies out of the equation my whole system definitely feels a lot more peaceful. It's another hassle to add to my D life, but once I get used to it I'm sure it'll become second nature. Make a piece of wheat free bread, not war !

Over 10 % of Type 1 diabetics have coeliac disease !! If you're feeling chronically tired, losing weight, anxious, or bloated you may be coeliac. Your medical team will be able to assist you with tests.

Great post, and I am so glad they figured out what was going on. My husband is gluten sensitive. He is not celiac, but wheat, rye, barley, oats and a lot of other things can make him sick. Since figuring this out about 3 years ago, he has lived a gluten free life, as much as he possibly can. His mother has tried to poison him a few times, not knowing that there is wheat in soy sauce and other condiments. But she does try. I have learned how to make a really good banana nut bread and he has found a breakfast waffle with blueberries that is actually pretty good. There are so many options for him now. We do frequent a couple of local places that feature gluten free menus and he feels so much better. Granted it does not prevent me from enjoying a piece of bread with my dinner, but we have separate butter dishes so I don't contaminate his butter with my crumbs. Good Luck.

Ha ! This definitely needs so much more publicity ! I literally went to soo many specialists and was diagnosed with anxiety and hypochondria ! Yes 10 % of type 1's have coeliac ?? Like your comment bout his mom !! I'm in France at the moment and receive regular poisoning attempts from everyone :) Best of luck to you and your hubbie

Thanks Char, you're right about the publicity. He never even went to get tested all he did was eliminate gluten and felt 1000% better than he has in 45 years. He still hasn't gotten tested but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

This was a great post. I have felt like you describe many times and will now have a go at the food testing. Not eating food, but the kind you know what I mean. I'm sure it's hard to not indulge in the bread and cheese out there in France. be careful and stay positive. Love your attitude!