Diabetes Coeliac and more besides!

Hi, my name is Elaine I was diagnosed with Type 1 in 1961, I was then diagnoses with underactive thyroid in 1976 then I was diagnosed with Coeliac in 2003 and this year 2007 I have been diagnised with Pernicious anemia. So 4 in total if we are counting autoimmune conditions, I also have some congenital issue which is not relevant for this discussion but I would like to know do I hold a record in terms of auto conditions but more importantly is there anyone out there with the same mix?

Wow, that is a handful, isn’t it! Sorry, we are holding at 2…but still young…so who knows!

You beat me for sure!

I’m a T1 D, who MAY have celiac and MAY have thyroid problems - tests are being done for thyroid this week, and I haven’t bothered being tested for celiac as I’m partially gluten free already, I don’t feel that an official diagnosis would do anything for me except kick me in the butt and change ‘partially’ to ‘totally’, maybe… ok so I’m chicken lol. I just don’t feel I need that many labels!

I was also diagnosed gradually with a few autoimmune conditions - besides Type 1 diabetes it’s celiac, thyroid problems fluctuating between under and overactive thyroid and and now about 3 years ago I was diagnosed with lung sarcoidosis. I have some other problems that are complications of diabetes mostly.

I’ve got 3 - type 1 diabetes, Celiac and I had Grave’s disease which is in currently remission.

I just joined tudiabetes because I was intrigued by what you all are discussing.
Have any of you tried altering any other parts of your diet? I’m diabetic & celiac & feel like I’ve been waiting for the next disease to hit. So, I’ve been researching & talking to other people & tried giving up dairy as well. I’ve heard how dairy is especially aggravating for those asthma. (Which I don’t have). Made some of my other weird symptoms go away, (that the doctors dismiss when I bring them up). I am also currently not eating ANY sugar. I keep hoping that I’ll see some change in my BG #'s, but so far no luck. Anyone else try anything like this?

I was tested for some other foods and found I’m allergic to corn and rice as well as the gluten grains. I have LADA, hypothyroid, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I’m not allergic to dairy or soy, which is a relief. This is very new for me. I was really hoping to have celiac’s because I have read that it could be the root cause of all my autoimmune conditions. I didn’t eat much grain because of BG so it isn’t such a huge change for me. The difficult thing is finding all the hidden grain. Did you know that vanilla extract, malt vinegar, Tamari and caramel color all have corn and/or wheat? I have stopped all processed foods and am trying to avoid all allergens for a few months. I am seeing an improvement in my BG after just a couple of days. Fasting down in the 80s! Next thing I’m hoping for some relief from the joint pain.

I was hoping to hear that someone else is trying this. I would expect you to get some relief, but if you don’t consider the dairy issue. I’ve been gluten free for many years, but dropped the dairy about 4 weeks ago. One of the first symptoms to clear up for ME was minor joint pain. My ridiculously dry skin went away & some sinus issues (that I’ve seen 3 separate doctors for), cleared up. However, my BG seemed unaffected. I then got tested for food intolerances & am avoiding all corn & cane sugars as well as some other foods. Now I’m seeing my sugars stabilize more. I used to have unexplainable highs & lows, now if I’m high it’s because I didn’t calculate enough insulin & I’m not going low at all. Let me know if you want to vent about this, you’ve got a hard combo w/ the corn & rice. (I fall back on rice a lot). Just out of curiosity (& don’t answer if you don’t want to ), what’s your a1c like?