Cold Hands! help?

Hey All,
I’ve got a little problem. Cold hands, my fingers don’t want to give up a single drop of blood for the meter! If I get my hands warmed up with hot water; it seems like my numbers go up too. If I warm my hands by tucking them under my arms; then my numbers actually sound right. I"m just tired of cold fingers.
Do any of you have this problem? Is it just me? What do you do?

Try swinging your arm up and down and snap your wrist sharply at the bottom. Just like shaking down a thermometer. This raises the blood pressure in your fingertips, and you can get good bloodflow even if your hands are cold. If in a public restroom be SURE nobody is real close to you, I’ve almost hit a few people at times.

Yes, warming your hands too much with hot water is reflected by your body as stress, which raises bg levels somewhat regardless of why.

Thankyou Theodore:)
Is this part of the “poor circulation?” sigh… I wish I could warm up my hands and feet a lot better. Sometimes, I’m comfy and yet they are freezing!

I have cold hands too! Doc’s told me is to hold my hand down below my heart and milk the finger… If that’s doesn’t work than move the finger poker up a notch or two.

ugh…I’ve moved that notch up enough that it hurts to do it. I feel bruised as soon as it hits.