Hands and feet!

Right at this moment my hands and feet are freezing whilst inside the house with socks on.
Have had my feet checked out and have been informed everything is fine just a bit worried is it something to do with diabetes or not kind of confused.


I am the same way! I have been checked out as well by my doctor, even had certain labs done to rule out possibilities…everything is normal. You know what they say? “Cold hands, warm heart” :slight_smile:

lol thats sweet Robyn.

Me too! Always, always cold hands and feet. And I live in Florida!

hypos can cause cold hands and feet. When my bg’s were comming back to normal numbers i always had cold hands and feet and sometimes I would even get chills. Intersting i would get the cold hands when I hit 70 to 80 which is normal but not normal for me at the time. When I have a quick shift in bg’s my hands and feet sometimes get cold.

Cold hands & feet can be a sign of thyroid problems, if you haven’t had your thyroid levels checked in a while.

Yep, get your thyoid checked!

My hand and feet (and nose!) often get cold if it is under 70 (even in the house). It is has ALWAYS been like that me - even when I was a kid and I wasn’t diabetic than. I was told it is just some people have poorer circulation than others. Some people stay warmer than others because of muscle mass. I was a skinny kid so I got cold easily. It is more my nose than my hands and feet. If it is under 70 I may have two pairs of socks and slippers on and even than my feet may still feel a bit cold. Like sometimes if I get a chill or if I get cold it will often take me a while to get warmed back up to normal.

I think if your problems were related to nerve damage than you wouldn’t be able to “warm” your feet up I believe because it is a nerve thing and not a circulation thing.

I don’t worry about mine because I know this is the way my body has always been. Even in extreme heat my body tends to be on the cool side - hand feet and everything. I feel comfortable in high heat.

I was told it is OK to massage your feet when you are diabetic so maybe massage them and see if increasing your circulation helps them warm up.

my doctor said something about thyroid and vitamin d and how I should get them checked out at my last appointment.
Worried as I dont want to take any more medications think my insulin is enough.

I was dx in 1984 and since I was a typical preteen, I hid the symptoms, and ended up in the ER with a temp of 84.6 Farenheit (about 29.2 Celcius). First the doctors thought it was a mistake, b/c that is sucha a low temp. All of my levels were so messed up that the doctors said the only reason I lived was because since my temperature dropped, it slowed down the chemical reactions in my body.

The doctors said that once someone’s temp drops that low, that person will never be able to warm up properly again. That was true for me for about 10 to 15 years. About a year ago, 25 years since dx, I started with cold feet, hands, and nose. The dr said it isn’t D, He said it is fairly normal, and could be accounted for with old age. I am 37 and my doctor called me old. UGH!

Don’t know if this helps, but you are not the only one with the cold hands and feet. I have found that a hat helps, and if you are cold, stick a heating pad or hot water bottle bottle under your feet. = )

Thanks Tanya.
Hahahhah 37 being old what is wrong with that doctor.lol lol