So can somebody tell me whe my hands (especially fingers) are freezing? Ooh! random Timbits on our table… lol. My sight seems not normal and I just feel off. Last time I tested, I was 134. I usually get this way on Saturday… but it’s Friday. :frowning:

It’s not the only reason that your hands can be cold, but you should have your thyroid checked. Cold hands is one symptom of hypothyroidism.

They say, cold hands warm heart…
Guess as time goes by those little capilaries get a bit clogged with our sugary blood… Just another curse of this disease… Blood flow is disrupted and without it, the nerves tend to feel a bit cooler… Not so serious if is the case but sure is annoying! Specially toes in the winter!

I would get checked out for hypothyroidism and ask your doctor about raynaud’s syndrome. It makes hands freezing cold and in itself is not harmful but it is a symptom of other autoimmune issues. Since you are t1, you are at risk for other autoimmune disorders like hashimoto’s hypothyroidism or raynaud’s. Do your fingers ever look pale or even bluish when they are cold? Make sure you tell the doctor if they change color or if the skin is really dry. Those are classic raynaud’s symptoms. Just check with the doc, Craig is probably right on this one but it is nice to have the doc tell you for sure :slight_smile:

I think all Diabetics have poor circulation to their extremeties? Correct me if Im wrong, I frequently get cold hands and feet! And Diabetes sometimes just makes us feel rubbish for no reason! I f I’ve had a high the day before the next day feels just as bad, all headachey and unmotivated…x