Colonoscopy....any tips?

Hi,type2 on insulin. My grandfather died of colon cancer. My first one was done 10 years ago. No problem. But my siblings have polyps ,so mine is scheduled for the fall. I don’t drive ,my husband is having toe surgery in June. So planning ahead. Good luck everyone. Nancy50


I am next. I am a bit late. had previous polyps.

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This thread was very useful. I have a colonoscopy in a couple of weeks.

Enjoy it!!! With modern drugs like propofol, you should feel no pain and be able to watch it on their TV while they are doing it. It is kind of fun after worrying so much about the procedure. The only nasty part is the 24 hours preceding the procedure. The preparation is no fun at all.


I found a pdf that looks helpful. It is from a Gastro clinic in Kansas City. The only thing I would add is to test, test test and test again. I was told to decrease my basal by 50% which seem to work okay. At the time I wasn’t using Humalin. Absolutely make sure the team knows you are diabetic. Mine told me they would monitor my glucose and adjust as necessary. Maybe they were humoring me, I would never know. I go out like a light switch was turned off. The last thing I heard was, “OK, now, I’m going to pu…” I suppose she said push.

I was fully asleep during process last year. Did they give you a choice?

Nope, 12 years ago, they knocked me out like you. This last time, I was fully awake and did not feel any pain during the procedure and I could watch on TV the same screen doctor was using for the procedure. Was super fast recovery from local anesthesia as well.

My approach has been to buy myself a book beforehand. During the worse of it I monopolize the back bathroom. During my first colonoscopy 12 years ago I read a fair amount of Richard Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution.