Bad colonoscopy prep day for type 1

I had my colonoscopy this morning, and everything came out fine, no polyps.

Yesterday was a different story. I took the 4 pills at noon, and then at 2 started to take the Gatorade ( 2, 32 oz. bottles mixed with a bottle of Polyethylene Glycol) over a two hour period. No food allowed all day after a light breakfast. I was instructed to drink sugared drinks and jello due to no food being eaten. My blood sugar started rising over 200, so I checked the carb count for the Gatorade, 14g per 8 oz. My I:C ratio is 10:1, so I took 6 U of insulin via the pump, then 6 U via syringe, on the other arm. My blood sugar started dropping with 2 arrows down on my Dex and I knew I was in trouble. When it hit 40, I started drinking sweetened apple juice by the glassful. I did not bolus for any of the apple juice or jello. It still did not come up. I ended up drinking most of the bottle, and still low blood sugar. My husband told me I shouldn't have done the insulin because the Gatorade was going right through me (if you get the drift). I finally put 2 tsp.sugar in a glass of apple juice and drank it,, and my blood sugar rose to 180, where I let it sit overnight. This morning I gave myself .3 units of insulin, and it went to 150, where it was for the colonoscopy. Life was miserable enough with the strong cramps, diarrhea and vomiting, without having to contend with low blood sugar for hours. I guess I should have waited to bolus and just done corrections? Any thoughts?

Yeah unfortunately colonoscopies are kinda one of those situations that really makes managing your BS extremely difficult. Maybe next time, instead of Gatorade...try using one of those zero calorie sports drinks. They aren't completely carb free, but a LOT better than Gatorade. I used to work in Gastro and we'd let our patients have up to four ensure type drinks as long as they weren't the plus kind, even though TECHNICALLY they arent clear liquid, but that saved me. Instead of Ensure I did the Glucerna ones, and that helped a lot. Maybe also alternate between regular jello AND sugar free jello so hopefully it balances out some. Also have on hand drinks like diet ginger ale or diet sprite, so you can have things to drink that aren't running you way up too. But then maybe alternate that around meal times with something like regular sprite.

Did your gastro instruct you to eat all the sugar drinks and jello or did your endo? I always go with the advice of my endo over a doctor who doesn't specialize in diabetes. My surgeon wanted me to totally not take my lantus...when i had surgery recently my endo was like cut it in half and call if you go over 200. I did great, BS stayed pretty stable.

I didn't consult my endo, and didn't see the gastro until this morning, but when I met with his nurse, she told me and gave me an instruction sheet that said drink sugar drinks and jello. She said I needed to do that because I need some carbs to replace the food that I would normally eat. The instruction sheet said nothing about bolusing for the carbs, only not to bolus the night before and morning of the procedure. I decided to bolus a small amount this morning, because I didn't want to spend any more time at 180. I like your suggestions though, and will try to remember them in 10 years, when I have to go through this again. Although I told my son in law last night, that after all I went through, I think I would rather not have another one and take my chances.

Congratulations on your clear result.

It's too late for your procedure, but for others I suggest anything other than gatorade or similar high carb liquids.

I had a colonoscopy a couple of months ago. My diet for that "emptying" day was strained chicken noodle soup. I made up a couple of litres (1/2 gallon) to ensure I didn't get dehydrated and finished it all, in small portions, during that day. That was much lower in carbs than gatorade and still satisfying. You're not going to starve in a day.

My instructions also allowed alcohol in moderation, but no red liquids. I included a glass of beer after my soup lunch, and a few glasses of dry white wine over the course of the day.

I checked my BGs on the day, but I can't recall the numbers. But I know none were alarming or even close to 160+. I would remember those.

As a T2 I ceased all medications (metformin in my case) and supps for that day. I was told to cease fish oil two days before.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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Yes unfortunately the prep instructions tend to be very "generic" and really want to "play it safe" with diabetic patients. And the nurse especially and lol Im one too so I feel I can say this, MOST of the times are NOT going to question what's on the prep instruction sheet, especially if they are not familiar with diabetes at all. We'd always tell our patients consult who manages your diabetes. But live and learn, that's kinda the motto with D isn't it. Nothing about this makes anything easy.

I also agree, things like beef broth, or chicken broth or strained chicken noodle soup are really good choices too.

I considered chicken broth, but decided the Gatorade and apple juice, and jello would be enough. I think the chicken broth would have been a better idea though. My instructions were to mix half the bottle of Polyethylene Glycol with each bottle of Gatorade, shake well, and drink 8 oz every 15 minutes, over a 2 hour period. Did you mix it with the soup? My instructions said nothing about alcohol and I didn't dare try it. It did say no red liquids. I also ceased my fish oil pill, baby aspirin and multivitamin three days before today.

Instead of Gatorade, I used water+crystal light mix. Ate minimal 'liquid' carbs/jello that I did small bolus for. And I think I used a temp basal of 70%, but don't remember for sure. I also had MM CGMS and that helped and did small corrections when needed.

And I had a 'real' non-diet sprite on standby if I needed quick carbs ! But didn't.

I've heard of other people using crystal light too. I think docs tend to recommend Gatorade cause for one the prep makes a lot of people feel awful and a lot of people start vomiting from it, PLUS just the constant going to the bathroom. So they figure Gatorade is good to keep you hydrated, but as long as you keep plenty of fluids in you, water, things like crystal light, sugar free popsicles, sugar free jello, Gatorade isnt really necessary. Some people say it makes the prep a little easier to do BUT majority of people say it doesn't matter its still awful.

My preparation med was Pico-something, in two sachets. It may have been Polyethylene Glycol but I don't recall reading that on the packet. I think it was this: Sodium Picosulfate Powder for Oral Solution

edit addition: Note this in the instructions:

Diabetics should discuss their requirements and dosage program with their doctor before commencing.

I had to mix each one with hot water; I've forgotten the quantity. I could drink it hot or cold. I had one at 2pm, hot, and the second at 9pm, cold. That was quite separate to the broth, beer and wine. I also drank a fair bit of water during the day. My biggest fear was dehydration.

Things didn't start happening until about 4pm. After that I found it very unwise to move far from the littlest room in the house. I wasn't in any pain or cramps, just some uncertainty about having enough time to get there - but I always made it :)

PS The most difficult part of my day was at the start. I am the volunteer chef for the "sausage sizzle" at our local Neighbourhood Centre Market ever second Sunday. That morning I had to cook several hundred sausages and a few kilos of onions on the BBQ between 8 am and 1pm - and not eat a single one :(.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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Was it a HORRIBLE lemon flavor? Almost sounds like Movi prep and that is the GROSSEST stuff EVER. YUCK that's what I had with mine.

It had a mild lemon flavour, which I didn't mind.

Obviously we have different tastes :)

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
Everything in Moderation - Except Laughter.

My last colonoscopy ten years ago, I had to drink Fleet, that was horrible. My sad story then was, I fell asleep early and woke up in bed covered in-you guessed it. I yelled for my husband downstairs to help me clean up myself and the bed, but he was asleep with the TV blaring, so I was on my own to cope. Sniff....

I was scared to go to sleep that night for that reason. I put a couple of towels over the sheets in case. Thankfully, they weren't needed.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
Everything in Moderation - Except Laughter.

hahaha yeah I guess we do!!!

Fleets isnt the greatest prep either, but what I liked about it was I could hold my nose and chug it down REALLY fast. Haha yeah I was kinda terrified to sleep too. Thought I'd just grab a pillow and sleep in the bathroom.

Now I am really psyched for my colonoscopy. I have something called precopic. I am 10 years overdue for this. ( T1 48 years Is veggie broth OK? I do not do chicken. what about coconut water instead of gatoraid? My endo said to lower basal rate 25% all day. sound good?

Only suggestion is that you should have avoided the sugared drinks altogether then could have avoided the entire roller-coaster. I think they have you bad advice in that regard

I just had colonoscopy. It was scheduled for mid-afternoon. My instruction sheet advised soft food (mostly carb of course - congee, white bread) but also chicken breast, white fish, tofu and soup that does not contain solid ingredients for the breakfast and lunch the day before. So, I had more choices. My prep nurse told me that I don't need sugary drinks and that non-carb or low-carb drinks are fine (tea (except black tea), sports drinks, water). No fruit juice or juice that has grains. For the night before, I was instructed to stick to soup and not to have sweets at all. I had chicken soup which I strained. No problem with my BGs on the day before and the day of the procedure (before or after the procedure).

I had 3 tablets the night before (something related to fiber) and my laxative was something called Niflec (which I had to dilute in 2 liters of water) and something called "Gasucon".