Colonoscopy anyone?

Just wondering if any other pumpers have had the wonderful experience of prepping for a colonoscopy. If so, did you change your basal the day before and day of the procedure? I had one five years ago but don't remember what adjustments I made. Have to be on a clear liquid diet the entire day before and no food or liquids after midnight :(

I did one last year and my endo told me to reduce basal to 50%. I forgot to and when I woke up the morning of the procedure I had a BG of 69. I decided to unhook from the pump just to be on the safe side because the procedure was in a couple of hours. finished up the procedure and was at mid 90's. Hooked back up and was on my way to get something to eat.

For my last colonoscopy I left my basal rates as is and tested a lot. Even though the protocol calls for "nothing by mouth" starting the evening before the procedure, I did use dye-free glucose tabs (they're white) to counteract trending lows. When I talked to the nurse the day before, she indicated that this was OK.

By the way, this fasting will give you an insight into how well your basal rates are set. Good luck. I know its not easy but all the hard work is over once you show up for the procedure.

I do nothing, but they always schedule my procedures for early AM and my basal is fine as long as I do nothing out of the ordinary like change a tire or walk a long distance. They always check my BG just before they give me the happy injection. I have also had about 2 dozen endoscopy (Upper GI). The procedure does not take very long, most of the time will be spent trying to get you up so they can send you home. Take your favorite snack for when it's finished. If I don't take anything with me they usually have Honey-grahams and Apple juice.

Note: Don't let them put you on a Glucose drip ask for sodium.

It was a few years ago but I lowered my basals a bit overnight as to not go low. I actually had to use glucagon once for a low when I had to fast before a procedure. That is a good thing to have on hand so if you do have a low BG, you won't have to eat.

I controlled my low BG by chewing sugar gum. It was a treat. You can also drink regular 7up to bring up your levels the day before the procedure. I wasn't on the pump when I had my last colonoscopy, so I did not alter my basal rates.

My endo. suggested a reduction of 20% in basal rates. It worked out fine...I think just testing a lot the day of the prep and making adjustments based on what you see will work too. The procedure itself is short enough that you will be awake and back in control before too much can go wrong. I did make the anesthesiologist aware of my diabetes as I did not want him dripping in huge quantities of dextrose on the IV.

I used plain white sugar packets and kept my basal rates the same as always. I tend to start very stable when I am not eating or exercising.
standard table sugar is perfect in case you go low because it won't interfere with the procedure.

Maybe aim higher before they put you out and make sure you remind the anesthesiologist for good measure, I have a CGM so I just ask him to check it from time to time.

i had the wonderful pleasure of having a colonoscope and endoscope at the same time. the prep was absolutely miserable, mostly b/c i have terrible digestive disorders. i drank loads of water, used MiraLax, Fleet Enemas and some sort of clear sugar-free Gateraid. first things first: i lowered my basal to 60% for the entire fasting period. i must say that i was absolutely starving. i schedualed my appt for early in the AM, so i could get bk 2 my usual routine. i kept my pump beside me for the entire procedure, and had the anesthesiologist ck my BSs during the procedure. i had some complications b/c i was unable to vacuate my colon fully. as it turned out, i learned that i have an unusually long colon (thus, part of my digestive problems). so, to answer Ur question, yes, i lowered my temp basal rate. all went fine. no lows.