Colonoscopy scheduled for Monday - HELP!

I’ve had colonoscopies about every three years (due to polyps and family history.) They’ve had me use Suprep in the past, and I did okay with that, but last year, I got intensively ill overnight from it. Major nausea, although no vomiting, sweats, chills, etc. So this year I asked for the Miralax protocol.

Here’s the problem/question: I’m still on a 145% basal rate due to two cortisone shots I had about 8 days ago. Not only do I have to take Miralax but I’ve also got to take Ducolax, about which I’ve heard pretty bad things (VERY severe cramping, nausea, etc.)

I start prep Sunday, and am concerned about what to do with my basal rates; how to handle it if I get so nauseous that I can’t even get jello down. Anyone been through this prep before (2 ducolax night before plus 1/2 the Miralax) and then the other 1/2 Miralax and 2 more Ducolax tablets. Has anyone been through this prep before? Anyone have any great ideas? I’m usually not a wimp about procedures, but I’m truly dreading this one, especially since I’m not yet back to my normal basal rate…


I haven’t used that preparation protocol before. But what I have found is that the fasting helps a lot with blood sugar control. Get some white glucose tablets or use some powdered dextrose so that you’re not introducing any red food coloring if you need to treat a low.

I can’t help with the cortisone experience, either. Sorry, I hope you get more specific answers to your questions. Drink lots of water and check your blood glucose levels frequently. Good luck!

Yes, I did have anesthesia during the procedure, but that was no problem. I was sick the night **before ** not after the procedure. It was definitely from the prep.

I’ve not had that specific prep protocol but to tell you the truth, what I would do in your situation would be to call and postpone the colonoscopy to a time when I was back to a more normal situation on my basal.

Hi Ruth,
Ask if you can have Dramamine (double dose) before the surgery, or if they can Rx you some zofran or compazine. These help with nausea from the prep … I take these before my endoscopy and they don’t seem to mind that I use them…BUT CHECK

Thanks everybody. This is such an unusual situation for me that even my doctor has no good ideas about it. UffDa…don’t want to postpone because I’m having this done a year early because of unexplained anemia that is getting worse…could be internal bleeding, which is why they’re doing it early. I just wasn’t even thinking that far ahead when I had the cortisone shots…could have easily delayed them until after the colonoscopy - duh!

Mskdka - didn’t have nausea the morning of…it was mostly the night before during all the prep. Unfortunately, too late to get in touch with doc about whether or not it’s safe to use the dramamine. Oh well.

It has occurred to me that this is getting harder on my body because of age…but I’m not really old, right??? But, at 71 (in August), this may hopefully be my last colonoscopy, fingers crossed.

Just made my jello for tomorrow, bought some italian ice, consomme and broth, and making my Crystal Light tomorrow. If nothing else good comes out of this, at least I’ll lose some weight, which I definitely wouldn’t mind.

Thanks for the support…I’ll let you know what happens.


I have had 3 colonoscopies, 5 years apart. First one wasn’t too bad but the last 2 were totally miserable…talking about the prep.

Slightly overdue now but I decided (with my doctors ok) to try Colorgard; no polyps were detected. Awaiting results in another week. I do understand that if my results aren’t normal then I’d have to undergo the usual colonoscopy.

Hoping for good results because I don’t want to put my body through the horrors of the lousy prep…hoping, hoping.

OOPS! Sorry, just reread my post. No polyps were detected on the 3 previous colonoscopies. If there had been, the Colorgard wouldn’t have been approved for me.

I’ve had the fecal occult test already, which was negative. But I’ve had polyps removed every time I’ve previously had a colonoscopy and/or endoscopy. The main concern now is that I’ve suddenly become anemic, worsening over a few months, and there’s concern that something may be going on in either my colon or upper gi tract. I’m having both a colonoscopy and gastroscopy. Plus there’s a high family history of breast, colon and ovarian cancer, which are thought to be somehow connected, and I, myself, have had cancer twice, although the two types I had were totally unrelated to family history types of cancer. So, all in all, I definitely need the full colonoscopy/gastroscopy…just wish the darned prep hadn’t made me so sick last time. Hopefully this time won’t be quite as bad. I’ve probably built up apprehension way out of proportion - my mind can be a dangerous neighborhood to wander around in some days!

I can totally understand both your concern and your worries. With me, it’s the not knowing that causes an over-abundance of anxiety.
I figure I can adapt and try to deal with whatever unfavorable thing that may come my way as long as I know asap.

Hoping the upcoming prep will be mild and that you get through it fine.

Tired…going to bed now. Please let me know how it all goes. Will remember you, Ruth4, in my prayers. :pray:

So agree with you, JoedyRose. It’s not knowing, or waiting to find out, that’s the worst. Once I know what’s what, I can take action, even if that action is only to pray!

Much good luck to you! Let us know how you fare. :shamrock:️:innocent:

So…I survived. But I only managed to get about 40 oz. of the 64 oz. down. Three polyps in colon and one in duodenum…nothing new there, as I always have polyps. Meanwhile, they still don’t know why I’m anemic, but I’m starting iron pills tomorrow.

And…I have to do this again in another 3 years. There’s a new product that’s in pill form. My insurance wouldn’t cover it, but I think I’ll pay for it myself next time if it’s still not covered. It’s 20 pills, you take five at a time and drink lots of water. It’s called Osmoprep. I don’t know how much it cost…was told “a lot”, but no matter what, I’m not going to drink 64 ounces of miralax mix. Plain water would be so much easier.

Thanks for the support to you all.


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Goodrx dot com and BlinkHealth dot com. 32 pills of Osmoprep 1.5g for ~ $210.

Just be sure to read the side effects, they didn’t want to Rx for me because of the impact to the Kidney, see the following from webmd but I wanted it anyway… FYI for your anemia have them check your ovaries …even though I was ‘done’ I had hemorrhagic ovaries causing me to loose some significant blood as they did their last hurrah…

Before using this medication, tell your doctor or pharmacist your medical history, especially of: heart problems (such as heart failure, irregular heartbeat, QT prolongation in the EKG, chest pain, heart attack or heart surgery within the last 3 months), stomach/bowel problems (such as blockage, irritable bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, severe constipation), gastric bypass/stapling, low blood minerals, severe loss of body water (dehydration), kidney problems, liver problems (such as cirrhosis, fluid build-up in the abdomen), salt restricted diet, daily alcohol or sedative use, seizure problem, swallowing problems (such as narrowing of the swallowing tube/esophagus).

Hey Ruth4, so glad to hear that you survived whole procedure. :smile:

Some drs. have reverted to that gallon of awful flavored stuff. As a frequent colonoscopy recipient and colon cancer survivor (9 years), I opt for as much of that stuff as I can swallow. When both ends respond, I stop. I recommend a friendly, comfortable toilet and possibly a padded seat, possibly a potty squatty. After losing 14”, the more thorough, the better!