Committed to trying! Type 1-33 years old


I've been toying with having a baby, but could not commit to the decision out of fear of 10 million things. I knew my partner wanted one. I wanted one, but, well....the fear.

Recently, we thought we were pregnant. And for those glorious days...I was nervous, but I was more excited and happy than anything. Something in the back of my mind said that I wasn't, but I enjoyed the time I had...and we talked about going ahead and trying if I wasn't.

Well, I wasn't. BUT....we are trying!!!! I have a consultation with a high risk ob/gyn on the 28th. My A1C has hung between 5.8-6.4 (6.4 most recent...I'm getting back on tighter track). I am happy and excited...and really nervous because I was crushed when started this month...I wasn't expecting to feel so emotional over not being pregnant when we weren't trying. Also, I am worried that I might have trouble getting pregnant.

I'm reading everything I can get my hands on (books on fertility AND pregnancy w/ diabetes). But sometimes all that info makes me more scared than anything because of the chance that it will not happen. But my toes are in the water now....maybe the water's even up to my knees right now...I'm not sure. :)

So---I'm welcoming myself to the tribe of women here who have braved this before me...and who continue to support and nurture each other...because that is what we do as women. :) I attribute a lot of my recent success with my D to this I'd love to add a successful pregnancy to that list of thank you's I owe all of you! :)

So, in short...Hello! :)

Hello Beth!

Wishing you all the best as you try to get pregnant! Yes, it can be a highly emotional time!

I am 12 weeks pregnant right now. We started trying to conceive with an A1c at 6.7 (though my doctor was a bit hesitant). It dropped to 6.5 by the time that I was pregnant and most recently was 6.2.

I REALLY want that number to be under 6, but to be honest, my blood sugars have been great and I'm rarely seeing numbers over 140 (before pregnancy numbers over 140 happens multiple times a day!!). So I think that this is the best that I can do. We'll see if the next A1c is under 6.

Are you familiar with the book Taking charge of your fertility? It was highly informative!

Sending all my best wishes your way!

Thanks Kristen, congrats on your pregnancy!!!

I am waiting for Amazon to ship me that book, but I started to use the online charts from the book's website.

I'm due for my next A1C next month, and I intend to get it back closer to the bring on the salads!! (Actually, my 6.4 was a reflection of going out to eat more, I am sure.)

I'm curious to see how my appt goes on the's to not getting a big fat...DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT GETTING PREGNANT. (My endo gave me a green light, so ......)

I'm so with you on this! I've just been put on the pump in preparation for pregnancy. I've been working so hard on getting my BG levels down-eating properly checking BGs many times a day! But I keep getting BGs in the 200s. It's so frustrating! I also worry about getting pregnant when we start trying! Hope it all goes well for you Beth. Kristin-any tips on getting those great BG levels?

It took me A LONG time to get my numbers down even to the level that they are now!

This sounds silly, but the best advice is to pretend that you are already pregnant. If you know that your blood sugars affect not only you, but your baby, then the motivation level goes through the roof! I wasn't able to fully do this, but partially. My numbers got a lot better once I became pregnant.

I am eating less carbs, but more often (6 times a day) and this helps because then the spikes are not as bad.

Also, the MOST important thing that you can do is to keep good logs! That was when things got a lot better for me because my doctor actually had good data to make decisions. I hate keeping logs, but I'm going it every day. I write down my blood sugars, boluses, and food. It's time consuming, but helpful! There are online tools too, but my doctor prefers paper log books.

find a sweet success program!!!!

I Tried to find one in the Pittsburgh area, but I don't see anything. I've read good things about the program tho!

I hate to log too, but I find that I have SO much better control when I do. The trick for me is to take a break from it once in awhile. I know I am due for a break when I panic because I forgot to log something, or the log book (a 3 ring binder) isn't right by my side.

In light of my TTC.....I know I need to start it up again.

I am currently 7 weeks pregnant with my 3rd kiddo....My A1C this time around was not the greatest but we didn't expect to get pregnant either.....BUt my A1C was 7.9 now that i have been on insulin the last 3 weeks or so I have come down tremedously....My highest # so far was 180 not sure why....but mostly I am in the low 120s. I am having lots of insulin resitance this time around which has made things more difficult but I will tell you the motivation you get when you know a little ones life is in your hands in huge....makes me eat less watch everything I eat and drink......

Is this a sweet success program? I called Magee today, but opted for a high risk ob/gyn in Morgantown WV because my endo is there and it is a hair closer to my home. I wonder if the WVU hospital has thE program…I will have to call!

The low 120s sounds like an excellent place to be…I know pre meals are supposed to be a little lower, but it sounds like you are doing really well. Sometimes, at least I find with me, that things are reallygood when I can hold steady with my numbers…but that is so hard to do!

Do you have a cgm? I have no idea how I managed without one!

what is a cgm????

ask ur obgn if they have any diabetic preconception counseling im sure he will know of a similiar program and if not maybe u should go see a dietitian /nutritionist

It is a continuous glucose monitor. I use the Dexcom 7 plus...and LOVE it!

Now but its probably better then poking yourself all the time to see what your levels are at.....Can you use the Dexcom 7 plus with a pump???

Yes…but it does not sync to a pump yet. Rumor is that later versions will sync to a pump…but not yet.

Hey, Beth. I’m 31, 20 years with T1D, and had my first baby 11 months ago. It took me forever (it felt like) to reach an A1c that was acceptable, and then it took 9 months of no luck TTC before we consulted a fertility specialist. Those were the longest months, feeling like I was treading water keeping my A1c in range and not getting the big payoff I’d dreamed of.

My experience consulting a reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist) was very good and it was a relief to me to have that reassurance that my diabetes was not the issue and to have the assistance in timing/conceiving. He was recommended to me by my endocrinologist who suggested that I should seek assistance if I wasn’t pregnant within 6 months instead of the usual 12 months they suggest to non-diabetic women.

I also found a lot of support reading Cheryl’s blog “Managing the Sweetness Within.” She has also now written an excellent book called “Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes” which contains a whole appendix on infertility and diabetes.

I am reading Cheryl’s book on my iPad now! :slight_smile:

Well, my first month of trying is probably going to be unsuccessful. I caught a bad cold/stomach virus the Wednesday before Christmas which meant that measuring my temps was messed up. But I did use an ovulation predictor kit…and we tried. I think I ovulated around Wednesday or Thursday (Dec 29, 30) and my period is due January 11th. I started PMS cramping this Monday–I know there is still a chance that I might be, but I don’t think that I am. I also have pretty decent PMS insulin resistance too. I cheated and took a pregnancy test this morning…and it was negative, but i also know it was very early. Hopefully, I will be surprised next week with a lack of a period, but I really don’t feel like I am…but I wish that I was!

I think my biggest fear is that I won’t be able to get pregnant. Seeing a fertility Dr. is most likely out of the question…the cost is not something I can swing…but who knows, I guess.



My period was due yesterday…it did not come. HPT was negative this morning still, but my BGs have returned to their pre-PMS state for the most part (which usually does not happen until AFTER I start my period). Also, my BBT is still elevated. I am not cramping hardly at all…just a few twinges. My breasts are heaver a little but not sore…although my nipples are more sensitive (something that is a little different from my norm). I have some abdominal bloating as well. But to be honest…I really have no clear signs of pregnancy…and a really BIG sign that I am not, according to the HPT.

Sigh…I wonder if I have psyched myself out of getting a period. I’ve been a little late before…but not often and I have never skipped a period…I just want a clear sign!!!

Thanks for listening folks! Keep your fingers crossed for me if you wouldn’t mind! :slight_smile: