No, I'm not. But I'd like to be soon

A few weeks ago I went in for my 3 month check up with my Endo. My A1C rocked at 6.1! My doc wasn’t nearly as excited as I was. He was worried that I may be running myself too low and increasing my risk for hypoglycemic unawareness. Then he asked if I was pregnant or planning trying to become pregnant. Apparently diabetic women have been known to sub-conciously run their numbers tight when they’re thinking about getting pregnant.

Duh! Why wouldn’t we, when we’ve been told to get it to 6.0 to avoid any complications in our unborn child. Ever since he told me that’s where I would need to be before getting pregnant, that’s what I’ve been trying to achieve. I want to have a good routine set up before I even get to the conception stage. So I’m frustrated because now that I’m there, my Doc (rightfully so) is worried about the more immediate concequenses of running that tight and that low. I am now pretty unaware of low blood sugars. I have to hit 45-50 before I feel “off”. My ability to detect highs is off as well. Which means I’ve been testing way more than I want to. This past week I had a rebellion and said screw it to any testing that didn’t involve meals. But I’m over it now. It’s back to the basics. There’s still a lot more to do to get this body baby ready. A1C is there, now its on to losing 20 lbs and making exercise and flossing part of my daily routine. If there’s a risk factor I can get rid of or lower I’m going to do it. I’ve got a year before my husband and I will start trying so I can do it.

CONGRATS ON THE A1c! I would dance in the doctor’s office if that came back and I would expect the doctor to be dancing too!!!

It’s true that hypoglycemia unawareness is an issue and you don’t want a good A1c that only appears good due to a bunch of lows, BUT I have also found that non-severe lows (55-70) are a part of tight control for me. I’m on about the same timeline as you (baby-wise) and would like to get around/under 6 and stay there.

Also, many non-diabetic women have blood sugars in the 60’s during pregnancy-- so my doctor actually said that one reason to get really good control BEFORE getting pregnant is so that I stop having symptoms of lows in the 60’s-- because I will want to be between 60-120 during the whole pregnancy!!

So I looked at the fact that I no longer feels my lows in the 60’s as progress! I still feel them when they go below 55.

Perhaps I should be more concerned about hypo unawareness as well… but just wanted to let you know that I’m in a similar situation and got different advice!!

Oh, and I don’t think that we “sub-conciously” lower our blood sugars :slight_smile: – you’re right it’s VERY VERY conscious!!

Thanks Kristin. Your posts are always uplifting.