Competition in the CGM Market


I remember when this happened. I was in the market for a pump when the one I was using (Disetronic) was barred from the US market under a dispute with the FDA. I was leaning toward MiniMed but just as I was about to sign on the dotted line, Medtronics entered the picture. But a year earlier Medtronics had purchased a small contract medical-device manufacturer my company was using. They really messed it up. My fear of Medtronics drove me to Animas, perhaps to my long-term benefit. Of course J&J purchased Animas. In my opinion, after that Animas just wasn’t the same.

My fear is that some of the smaller, more innovative companies in the diabetes space, like Tandem and Dexcom, will be swept up by larger companies who might not deliver the type of innovative products and/or service the smaller companies provide. There’s no shortage of companies in the diabetes space that have met this fate. Of course as of late for some of us, Dexcom’s service and quality haven’t met expectations.


Try not to worry about things that you have no control over, and besides which, may never happen. I mean, seriously, what is the point in worrying about such things?


I wouldn’t worry to much about what I’m saying. You can’t control it! I mean really, what’s the point?

Seriously, there are things I can do about it. I chose my pump based on staying with a small company as opposed to a very large one. I did that again when i purchased my Tandem pump. And in the future, assuming the technology performs better or the same, I’ll give the smaller company my business.