Questions about CGM's (control glucose monitor)

I am a juvenile diabetes ambassador for Medtronic involved in helping people with questions and issues. Feel free to ask questions regarding your control glucose monitor.

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Hi @Jacob_Medalie, glad to have you with us! We have a number of members who use Medtronic pumps and CGMs, so I’m sure you contributions will be welcome.

And yeah, people can be kinda partisan about the whole Medtronic-vs-Dexcom thing…


Just an FYI

It is continuous glucose monitor. I use Dexcom. Very little issues.


I actually have personal experience of using the Dexcom, which is the only equipment I have used other than one of Medtronic. I believe using the Medtronic CGM offers better ways to balance your blood sugars and is overall more comfortable.

I like to say control instead of continuous because the Medtronic CGM helps control your blood sugar, not just measure it.

We have another long time member here who is also ambassador, @Rphil2.


It’s nice to have a representative here to answer questions!!! Thank you!


Hehe. Not here. different strokes… You do know that come this summer, the X2 will get another algorithm (Control IQ) for use with the G6 to add insulin, combined with the current algorithm, Basal IQ to reduce basals? As long as there aren’t signal losses involved between the G6 and the pump I suspect that system is going to be pretty close to awesome.

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Don’t forget: Dexcom is the only true CGM that the FDA approved for taking insulin w/o requiring a finger-stick

Dismisses Medtronic as a viable stand alone competitor. Let’s be clear this is the opinion of the CEO of Dexcom. One might say the statements are self serving to ay the least. But in addition it is especially important to note that the spokesperson is speaking of the stand alone systems, a market that Medtronic only entered in the last quarter.

Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things about Medtronic devices or the company. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

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Yeah I agree it get’s annoying. I try to stay un-biased, but people get aggressive lol.

You don’t have to start a war over pumps and be immature. I’m here just to answer people’s questions.

A general FYI: the admins have been monitoring this thread because it is one of those perennial topics that can spin off into people yelling at each other without persuading anyone to change their views, kinda like the old PC-vs-Mac wars of yore. So let’s try to keep it dispassionate if we can.

@Jacob_Medalie, your input is welcome. If you search 670G here you’ll see there have been a lot of threads and discussion on it (some initiated by y.t.). Might be helpful just to get up to speed on the state of the conversation here and who some of the other major contributors are.

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It’s a lot like watching a train wreck



Statistical graphs can be useful in visualizing information. This one is also helpful:


Unfortunately, I suspect we probably seen the last of Jacob. Quite the welcome.

Yes, I have the G5 and it’s really irritating that I cannot add the kind of insulin that I use or the amount of the dose. I log everything in my One Drop app so I have a record of what insulin I have taken when…:slightly_smiling_face:

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There were a number of things about original post that set off flags for me.

Uses term juvenile diabetes.
Uses control instead of continuous (for the C in CGMS), and defends it.
Play on the Tandem Control-IQ??
Does not disclose whether he actually has T1D and has experience with 670 or Medtronics pumps.

This is why I mentioned @Rphil2, who has established credibility here as both a person with T1D, has used dexcom and Medtronics, and is also ambassador.
Certainly room for 2, but original posts left me wondering his intentions.

Maybe we give him a chance to start off a new conversation.


I’m still using G4 and agree the entries could offer more selections. For Insulin, I only take Lantus in the morning and it is double the morning dose of Apidra, so I enter both (with about 2 minutes injection time difference). I know which is which and endo should have no problem understanding once advised. If I split my Lantus I would still make 2 entries but know which I always enter 1st.

Actually I can enter the dose amount but just not the kind of insulin. Sorry for the error!