I'm getting the feeling that this forum is anti-Medtronic because

much of the time when I post something Medtronic, that relates to discussion of other brands, I keep getting attacked as if I’m starting a “war”. I HAVE STATED REPEATEDLY, AND OFTEN THAT I’M NOT ALL THAT HAPPY with my Enlite system, yet each time I comment on a thread that includes other brands, I’m immediately told that I’m starting a war. From my perspective those that like other brands of CGM seem overly touchy and don’t want to see the words “MM” or “Enlite” in any thread that deals with the other CGM system. You don’t see me attacking others for mentioning their favorite systems as it relates to discussion of threads that may be predominately MM oriented. and let me REPEAT: I’m not trying to sell anyone of MM or on Enlite. I have sensors that are crappy and I have some that last for over 10 days. The hits vs misses is not very high, so why anyone here thinks I’m starting CGM wars is beyond me.

How about you lighten up with the attacks?


I have been using the Medtronic CGM for 8 years and it has changed my life, and also completely changed the way I manage my BG. I have always had good luck with their Integrated system and I will put my Enlite data up against anyone using a Dexcom. My CGM Data is just as good as my meters so until we get better meters I can’t complain about my Enlite. I wear them for 12 days without any problems and I have several transmitters so I have a new one ready to go on line when I pull the old one out.

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I didn’t get that impression. I use medtronic and for the most part is very pleased. The best part is they have been in business many years and I find the customer support very good. They call me about twice a month so make sure I’m getting along good. They have been business for a long time and don’t think they are going out of business any time soon. I’m sure medtronic will straighten out whatever problems they have with the CGM. I hope so.

Like I said, I have good luck and I have bad luck with Enlite sensors. My point being, I should be able to “utter” the word “Enlite, or MM” in a thread that includes non-MM discussions without being labelled a war-starter, in essence. IMO, it’s rude, unnecessary, and off-putting for members of this forum to keep trying to silence those who comment about Enlite or MM within threads that include non-MM products, as If I’m trying to start a “war”.

How does one start a brand war when one has REPEATEDLY stated that one isn’t all that happy with the brand they chose and all they are doing basically is offering OPINIONS, and offering OBSERVATIONS, or mentioning REASONS why one chose a particular system. I fail to see how either of those 3 comment types would fall under the guise of “starting a war”.

Now, OTOH, if I was systematically denigrating CGMS other than what I own, or was in “salesmanship mode” for the brand I own, I can see how one might complain about such tactics. I vehemently contend I’ve done neither.

I use the medtronic pump and I love it. I use the Dexcom CGM and love it. No plans to try the medtronic CGM.

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I like the look of MM’s pumps (especially the 640) but I will admit I do not like the way Medtronic demonstrates how to put on the CGM sensor. But that is because I do have some sensitivity with some types of tape. Secondly, I think (observation only) that the sensor wouldn’t be compatible for my body type–I’m not thin. Videos I’ve seen of successful users have been thin or athletic body types. I’m more “pillowy”. Yeah, I like that adjective.

Most diabetics have a little meat on their bones and insulin is certainly not a diet drug…:slight_smile: The sensors and infusion sets work well when inserted into fatty areas and are more comfortable. I can assure you that most of us do not look like the models on the pump web sights or the high school children that are posting little movies on you tube.


That makes me feel better. :grin: Cause I gotta tell, I got fatty areas, and when you hug me I lean closer to the Pillsbury dough boy than the models in the Dexcom, Medtronic, and Animas posters. :smile:

Kate, overweight people do BETTER with Enlites than very slim folks. I had several discussions with the local rep about that issue as I have fat only on my abdomen. Someone who is extraordinarily lean (like some long distance runners, for example) will, according to MM, have poor results with Enlites.

Didn’t know that information. So glad I’m on this forum, I’m learning so much from you all (the veterans). That’s a perception that all the companies should re-think–use realistic people in their marketing. Asante did use real people in their videos.

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I don’t think that it’s just this forum, I think that it’s the DOC in general. Common knowledge is that Dexcoms are more accurate (MARD of 8 vs. 13 or something like that is the data I recall…) and more cost effective, as they last quite a bit longer. I am still a big fan of Medtronic pumps. I have had maybe 2 or 3 site failures in going on 8 years of pumping now, like hardly any, which includes quite a few potential “yank outs”, standing up and unclipped pump gets caught by the set adhesive. The pump seems very reliable to my sense of how sensitive my body is to slight changes in settings and I feel like it is a tool that has helped me make continuous progress.

They seem to be the first choice of many doctors which seems to lead the “idea” of pumps to the conclusion that because they are underrecommended, the other kinds must have some hidden advantages. The color screen on the Tslim is luxurious and I was intrigued by the Vibe when it was announced, having a Medtronic-ian “all in one” setup is still something that I like. But not enough to change. I don’t see the bias here. I recall that in 2008 when I found the DOC (via the ADA forums…), there were many fans of the Deltec Cozmo and the Omnipod was getting ramped up. Then Deltec went down the tubes and I read about my friends having problems with Pod insertion that were totally alien to my experience. I’d like to be able to try the other types of equipment, of rmaybe a week or two, without having to commit to buy them. The Asante Snap did make the offer to try it possible but I wasn’t quite into the features they offered, although I know many folks who really liked their Snaps too.

Without having owned one, just from reading about it, I agree that its more accurate. I’m not talking about which device is better, however. The point of this thread was for me to convey my unhappiness with being labelled a “war starter” in so many words, each time I mention Enlite or MM in threads that include other brands. I’ve repeatedly mentioned that I have no desire to wear two devices. I already knew prior to ordering the Enlite that there are more accurate brands out there. Heck, I tried and returned the previous MM CGM for refund within the first month as it was just a random number generator for me. I have NEVER said anything to imply that one should consider the Enlite in lieu of other brands. what I’ve said is that some people, myself included, don’t want to wear multiple devices, and I’ve also said that for ME, the Dexcom xmitter is too large. I would love to have more accuracy and signal-transmission distance than what I’m currently using. There are trade-offs with every device.

Amen to that. It’s a non-trivial process to switch pumps, and being able to try out the Snap was probably the single thing that got me past curiosity to actually making the switch. Even switching back to my old (well, not that old) Medtronic last week, I had some bumps in the road. Given that, because of how the insurance works, you have to live with the device 24/7 for something like four years before you have a chance to change, it’s a big decision to make on the basis of just whatever in-person demo you might get and a few youtube videos. Buying a car is nothing compared to it, and at least you get to test drive THOSE.


Amen to that!

If I understood @swisschocolate correctly, in Switzerland they get a month to try out a device/system and if they don’t like it they can return it and get at least some of their investment back. I don’t know how I feel about the economic implications of that, but I know I personally sure as heck would love :heart: to have that option!!! :sunrise_over_mountains:

Yes, if only life were like that. <sigh /> :disappointed:

MM has had a 30 day trial period–at least for their CGM. I know; I availed myself of that feature and returned one. I can’t recall if pumps fall under the same return policy. One may be able to Google it.

I checked MM’s Return Policy page and it doesn’t mention pumps and CGMs, so I guess the only way to find out the current policy is to call a MM rep for specifics. The Returns page seems more geared to explaining returns for supplies.

Seems like you have quite a chip on your shoulder about this. Don’t mean to offend, but I just don’t see it. How many times has this happened to you? I mean, specifically being criticized for starting a “war” by mentioning Enlite?

Frankly, I’ve never seen it happen. I’m not disputing that it’s happened to you, just pointing out that in general it doesn’t seem to be prevalent enough to have caught my notice.

Dave, I wrote the thread because it seems others here were quite defensive of their choice, rather than me posting the thread due to a “chip on my shoulder”. I just got fed up with the comments directed my way when I’d say something about Enlite or MM, as if I was claiming it was superior, which I certainly never did, nor would want to, as I’m not all that happy with it. I believe I used the term “touchy” to describe their posting(s). We should (IMO) all respect everyone’s choice in product and whenever possible, gain some knowledge from reading about various techniques that might be useful regardless of the product used. Isn’t the idea of the forum to learn, inform, and share? How does that work when one is being attacked for mentioning a particular brand’s features that aren’t suitable for one’s own usage? When I state that a feature won’t work for me, that is NOT the same as me slamming the product. I don’t like seeing the phrase,“didn’t mean to start a war” or similar, when I state why I can’t/won’t use a product. It’s not the same as bad-mouthing it, which I wouldn’t do.

BTW, Since posting this thread, I have received personal messages agreeing with the title of this thread.

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I believe @phoenixbound was reacting to my use of the term in a thread last night. I meant it in a tongue-in-cheek way, borrowing the expression “religious war” from tech threads I’ve been on where discussions of various operating systems, computers, smart phones, etc etc, can get quite heated. I was actually referring to MYSELF having risked initiating one of those because I had been responding to another TUer about potentially using a Dexcom CGM while using a Medtronic pump, which is what I do, and I’d gone into some detail as to why I thought she wouldn’t have the problems she was struggling with with a Dexcom.

@phoenixbound I certainly didn’t mean to shut you down as to your own experience–my whole point was “different strokes”. I was honestly concerned that my own comment might have been perceived as too anti-Medtronic, which I didn’t intend. If I came across as trying to censor your views I am sincerely sorry–that was certainly not my intent.


I am skeptical that this forum/ community is any more anti-Medtronic than any other community. I was on another board before this one, in 2008, and almost immediately perceived “gosh, there’s other people who have Medtronic pumps but nobody recommends them in ‘what kind of pump should I get?’” threads. I was so gaga over how much better things worked for me with the pump that I didn’t really conceive of switching but was just like “oh well, whatever…” but then Cozmo, which was quite a popular gizmo, bit it and they stopped recommending that, switching to Omnipods and Animas. I was never fond of the lopsided look of the Animas pumps. Even though the Medtronic ones I’ve had are also a bit lopsided but don’t strike me as being as pronounced as the Animas. But that may just be me. I liked that I perceived the Tslim to be squarer but not enough to buy one.

The same bias against Medtronic seems to occur very regularly in plain Facebook discussions and Facebook group and in a few other message boards I read without really posting to. I’d be intrigued to see a measurement of pumping accuracy to see how all 4 brands (Animas, Medtronic, Omnipod and Tslim…) measure up in terms of insulin delivery but I don’t think that it would necessarily change my mind and make me rush out to get one. With any pump, I think there’s sort of the art to using it and,if my Medtronic is/isn’t delivering the insulin accurately, it may not really matter, as long as it delivers it consistently. I still don’t see our community being more (or less I suppose…) biased than other communities but, to me, this just seems to be a peculiarity of the insulin pump market these days. Maybe the 640/ 670 series will change that, or maybe the market will be blown up by artificial pancreases.

Stand your ground phoenix, some of us don’t have a choice as our physicians prescribe and support certain brands. I’m guessing that some may get something in return for pushing a certain brand while others make up there own mind on which brand they believe is the best for there patients. I myself am stuck with what my insurance company will cover and have no options for using any other brand. The most important thing is that whatever brand you have is that it takes care of our daily needs…

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