Competitive Runner looking for Private Coach

I am 53 years old and Type 1 for ~15 years. I wear the Omnipod and Dexcom CGM (which fails constantly during my runs, but that’s another topic…).

About three years ago, I decided to train for my first marathon ever. I hired a personal running coach who helped me achieve my goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon AT the 2015 Boston Marathon. Since then, I have run one other marathon (3:39) and will be running Boston again next month. I’ve completed ten halfs, with a personal best of 1:36, and many other 5K, 10K, and other distance races. I am having the time of my life, and am improving with each race. I was asked to join a racing team, and am so excited about the possibilities. I love my running coach, but he is not well versed in diabetes and I also feel that we’re at the point of diminishing returns. I would love to find a coach who can help me reach my full running potential, and that means helping me manage my diabetes as best as possible in addition to working with me on a daily training plan. I have done quite a bit of research and can’t seem to find anyone who fits this profile. I’m sure there are qualified people out there. Any recommendations?

Thank you in advance!

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I am an avid cyclist and have the same issue with my dexcom. I don’t even bring it for workouts anymore.

That’s odd that you both have issues with the accuracy of your dex while running/cycling. I do quite a bit of both cycling and running, including running a marathon (3:20) and my dex is usually spot on. In fact, I couldn’t imagine not having it.

I feel like diabetes is such an individual thing that it’s going to be tough to find a coach to help manage your diabetes with your training. As I’m sure you know, it’s really a game of trial and error.

@SueG I assume you’d want someone in your area, can you tell us where you live?

best of luck w the Boston Marathon!! please come back and tell us how it went.

I talked to a doctor who works for dexcom at a JDRF function and he acknowledged that it’s an issue with some people. They think it has to do with hydration and it’s affect on interstitial fluid.

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Thanks, @MarieB! I don’t necessarily need someone in my area - my current coach and I work mostly via email and a shared Google Doc. I am very excited about Boston - less than three weeks away, and I am ready!

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I spoke with Dexcom at length last week, and they finally suggested trying a different insertion site than my abdomen. They think that perhaps it has to do with the lack of enough fatty tissue in that area. I am now testing out my arm (which Dexcom hinted at doing, but since arms have not been tested and approved, they will not recommend it) and this seemed to work much better. I ran a 21 miler with it in my arm, and several shorter runs, and have not lost the signal once. So, maybe I’m on to something!

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it might be worth contacting Gary Scheiner at Integrated Diabetes Services to see if they can give you a recommendation. They are all type1s there. Gary has done lots of interviews w us.

Interesting about the Dexcom losing signal. I have that problem often as well. Sometimes during workouts and sometimes just randomly. I’m going to try the different sites, as mentioned in the comments. Wondering if you found a coach. I’m looking for help, too, as I’m newly diagnosed and having low sugars with exercise. Good Luck!

I have not yet found a coach. Will let you know!

Thanks, Marie - I will do that.

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Hey @SueG, I just ran across Erin Spineto’s new “Sea Peptide Salties” race team, sign ups begin tomorrow. She’s a very interesting fun gal (we’ve had her here several times for interviews) and I thought you might be interested, check it out!race-team-no-button/rvvq8