I had been working with a trainer for 5-6 yrs. He was not a CDE but had enough knowledge of diabetes to make me feel safe. He is gone but I still have hours paid in advance for sessions. I am with another trainer but it is obvious she is not experienced with working with diabetics. And there are not any other trainers in this outfit that I feel comfortable at all with.
So I guess my question is, does anyone here use trainers and how do you handle explaining your needs as a diabetic athlete? And no I do not allow any trainers to give me diabetic advise. I am in charge of the diabetes.

I just tell them I have it. I've never had a personal trainer per se but studied Tae Kwon Do and had some challenges, running BG up before class and crashing during that motivated me to get a pump. I told them about my having diabetes but pretty much crashed through it and only had problems a couple of times, although it was a lot of work to stay on top of it as, for a couple of years, I was going 6x/ week. I didn't mind explaining as I figured if something really hairy happened, I'd want them to know. I also taught classes for a brief period before we had to move and was very careful while I was doing that.

Then I ran, first by myself and then, when I decided to try a marathon, with a group and I told them and people asked "what do we do if you pass out" so I'd explain where my sugar was, etc. but nothing like that happened. We did out and backs and I'd stop to test at the turn and it was no big deal.

This week, I started T25, like P90X but 25 minute sessions, except for tomorrow, which is two. I was skeptical but some of my buddies have had *amazing* results with it and I figured it might be interesting. It's turned out to be really fun and I've enjoyed it, although my abs are screaming right now. It's not exactly cheap but the videos are fun, loud disco music and the videos are very well-produced. I have not told them but am part of a group and told them and it's cool. I'm having a hard time eating as many calories as I'm supposed to but it's producing some cool results pretty quickly for me and I'm feeling pretty energetic.

I don't have issue explaining I have diabetes. I do have issue with those who have frightened looks on their faces. So when in classes, I prefer only a few to be aware. Easier that way.
Working with the insanity guy. That is a challenge. BG's go up or down? I have been training with TRX for the past month. This last week was the first time I went down. Surprised me since I work out regularly. Still figuring it out.
Maybe with the training manager talking to my trainer, I will get this issue resolved. Trainer hasn't worked with diabetics before.

My BG have been insanely good this week!!! It's a very small sample size but my CGM average, and the CGMs have been gettig very good telemetry too, is 78 but that's with 90% "in range" (70-130), 1% high and 8% low, leading to an SD of 15.5, all of which are totally acceptable to me, easily the best week I've ever done. It's not "down" that much but, for the first time in a very long time, I'm not having a couple drinks after my post work workout, while I make dinner.

I've also turned my pump down as it seemed to be set up to run pretty hot but cranking it up, even for 25 minutes in the AM, seems to really get me on track. It probably helps to track food closely, as part of the focus on fitness and all of that but I'm sort of astonished with the results as I've always considered my BG results to be pretty tight, to the point that they couldn't get much tighter. But they have!!

It also involves trying a course of Shakeology, the BeachBody product. I was suspicious of the marketing scheme and have always been attentive to eating veggies, etc. but perhaps the massive dose of concentrated stuff that's alleged to be good for me doesn't hurt? I'm certainly considering buying more if it will help motivate me to get results like this.

You have been at this for 5-6 years, you are unlikely to have major surprises. I would just be clear that you might have to handle lows or take a sudden break, but that otherwise you want to be treated as a person in training who just happens to have diabetes. I have also had trainers freak, demanding notes from doctors or trying to avoid having me do anything that might put me at "risk." I would just be clear about the rules of engagement, write a note, describe exactly the accommodations you expect from the trainer and sign it and give it to them. If you cannot resolve the issue with this trainer it is not inappropriate to ask for your money back or to be able to use it for classes, clothes or equipment.

And I know that I am miserly and cheap (just ask my wife), but after 5-6 years you probably can train yourself. Have you thought about it?

You bet I can train myself. I know most of the basics. I'm not planning on renewing my contract. Just using up what I have left. And TRX training seems a good change of routine while I use up my sessions. Training has been a worthwhile investment to me. And you are right there are no major surprises anymore. Just a different trainer to train.

But I'm done with training. Maybe a TRX class would be fun for now.