Complete Diabetic? LOL

OK, here goes. I seem to have been given a rare place in diabetes. I started as type 1 in ICU, DKA and now a little less than 3 years. My C-Pep came back normal and the Endo’s (yes a few seems I have them a little wondering). So now I am dx’ed type 1.5 LADA, taken off insulin and controlling my bs with diet and exercise. I can see both sides (if that’s what it’s called) and lived them!!!
First eating was easier as type 1. Heck I just figured at carbs and dosed. Now, well that’s really hard now cause having to think and be careful.
Just so we’re clear it doen’t matter type whatever it’s Diabetes and type’s are mostly for Dr.'s and control. No matter it SUCKS!!! I make the best I can but the bottom line is simple.
If life gives you Lemon make Lemonade. Bull puck I am tried of Lemonade. ROFLMAO