Thoughts from a Mutant Diabetic

Yep Mutant Diabetic, I think that is what I’ll start telling people if they ask what type diabetes I have. Well how do explain to people IT DOESN"T MATTER THE TYPE!!! Sorry about that just my thoughts. I started my life with diabetes at age 52. Kind of weird way, boom next thing I know I am laying in a bed tubes and wires in me and hooked up to me. The Dr’s tell me " Well you are a type 1 diabetic" Get my 1st stay in a hospital in my life and it’s starts in ICU. LOL I have so much fun sometimes.
I took this diabetes as serious, that laying in ICU and the Dr’s telling me I was a small mircle walking in under my own power as most aren’t in very good shape with a bs 672. OK I can deal with this I learn quick! Oh, and I did, that looking up what could happen to if I don’t take care of this diabetes thing. Mommy didn’t raise fool!! You can’t ignore it, that’s just plain crazy to me.
Now about three years later, my diabetes has changed. Go figure, LOL like anybody really knows what is causing it, for anybody!! Well it seems that back in 08 I tested positive for the GAD antibody. The reason for the type 1 dx and I think the bs of 672 and DKA was a little clue also.
My diabetes wasn’t acting very much like type 1, so I asked for a C-Pep blood test. And it came back NORMAL. Now I have Endo attention. My 1st time to talk to and Endo, this year!! Oh, the reason I haven’t talked to an Endo as there was no need. My study and living with diabetes and trying not to let it damage me too much. I have very good control my last 3 a1c"s were 5.8 not bad huh?? LOL
Now they tell me autoimunne can go away if it was caused by something. What!!! OK so now I am a Type 1.5 only because I tested GAD positive at dx. They also sent me for another GAD test.
They are also having me stop insulin!! There is my problem. I am trying so hard to control my diabetes like a Type 2 with diet and you know. Well this isn’t working. I hate my numbers. I admit now I AM HOOKED ON INSULIN!!! Sorry, I think the stuff is one of the most wonderful things in the world!!! With it my control is good and I live a pretty normal life.
I am going back on it as I still have some, Like four bottles of Lantus and Novolog. I am going to tell the Dr.s I don’t care what type I am, that’s for you and the insurance companies!!! I know what gives me good control and that my friends is the bottom line!!
To all the diabetics out there the only important thing about Diabetes is control. Screw what others think it’s your life. I’ll take insulin over just about anything else for these reasons. 1st side effects, don’t know about everyone else this stuff hardly has any. 2nd once learned how to use it’s makes life so much easier. I still eat carefully and diet by insulin. I try to limit my insulin use!!! can still have a goodie when I want, mind you there aren’t a whole lot of goodie’s worth the insulin shot LOL Diet by insulin get it? If I have it inject insulin it had better be worth it!!!
I have lost weight, I eat fairly good, feel better than I have in years, so I have to give diabetes credit for that. ■■■■■ of a way to keep me inline, but it works, be careful what you ask for!!! ROFLMAO

Well, join the Type Weird Club! You would be surprised at how many of us don’t fit in the boxes. The scientists have way more work to do than they can manage, and they haven’t gotten around to recognizing that one size, or even 2 sizes don’t fit all.

I’m with you about who cares what type you are as long as you have a treatment that works. I have been extraordinarily lucky in having cooperative docs (and now an APN) who have never given me any trouble in getting what I feel is necessary for the management of my diabetes, heart and thyroid issues. But I know that others struggle, often in vain, and for a long time. :frowning:

The only thing I can suggest is that you keep careful records of your BGs and demonstrate to the endo that you need insulin. You can do it the hard way, like I did last year, by going into a coma, but I’m hoping that by seeing less than satisfactory numbers, he might realize that you really do need the stuff. Wishing you success!