Complete emotional wreck! Tell me this gets easier?

Absolutely 1eyenurseguy. I totally agree with you:)

Yes it gets easier. Our youngest son is 8 and was diagnosed a year and 2 months ago. I recently went to a doctor for myself and he said- I see here you were last here 2 years ago and I said to come back in 6 months.... I realized that the fog had lifted and I had started taking care of myself and other basic needs that got put aside while learning to be a pnacreas!! Don't know what your options are but our son got a pump after 8 months and it makes many things much easier. The worry lessens- I was so afraid of hypos and now that I've seen hime at 60,52, 47, 37!!!I realize that he won't pass put so qucikly if we're reasonably alert and cautious. Hang in there. I still cry while reading many of these entries because it's just hard for others to understand how draining it all can be.

Dear Curtsmom,

We from DASH camp share with you our solidarity. My name is Fabiana Couto, I am brazilian and have been living in the US for the past two years. I have had type 1 diabetes for more than 20 years. My tud profile is:

I am currently working at DASH Camp (, which is a non-profit organization that promotes healthy, active lifestyles and sports careers among young people with diabetes. I am doing this because it is my way to contribute to others and stay on track with my own diabetes.

I have a lot of compassion for moms of children with type 1 diabetes because diabetes can be even more challenging to parents. Parent's power over their children's diabetes management is limited; education and involvement are key to support the child, but there is a moment that parents can't go any further, and they need to accept the course of things, trust the process and let it go.

I am sure soon you will find a balance, and (No, its to always so overwhelming) - It gets better! My mom still worries, but she learned to trust the process. I am super healthy after more than 2 decades living with diabetes and believe me, My diabetes was not in good control for years. Curt is lucky to have your support. You will make it through... congratulations on learning about it as much as you can, and joining the diabetes community. Take care of yourself too, nurture yourself so you can be strong for your son.

Very best and please feel free to connect if you would like to!
Fabiana Couto

Great Post!!! I stongly believe in Moderation more than deprivation!! My son is 6 and was starting to sneak food at around 5 years old, so i had a talk with him, that he can eat anything just to please let me know and we can cover it with insulin. And yes the 1st year is DEFINITELY THE TOUGHEST! I still break down about 1 time a month and its been 3 years since my son's dx.

Great Post! Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I am very much afraid my 1 year old will get diabetes. My 6 year old was dx at 3 /12 and I have read that siblings are at at 70% chance of getting it. I will get to reading and get more informed. But I agree with you, it doesn't get easier, we get better at it.

Nice to meet you

I just wanted to report that my son is doing great with his diabetes away at college. We went to see him play hockey this weekend and took the opportunity to help get his insulin refilled at the pharmacy. Pods, wipes, etc are easier to get at home and transport but the insulin is harder. Also stocked him up on lots of snacks for lows.

He is playing a lot for a freshman and loves that they have a 15 min break every 20 min period (like the NHL) so he can check his blood sugar and either eat or add a tiny bit of insulin depending on his numbers. He has only been so low that he did not sleep and missed classes only one time. Now he knows how much to adjust his basal so that does not happen. He travels with the team and so far hasn't forgotten to take any of his supplies and snacks. He takes emergency RXs and a credit card just in case.

The day to day worry is starting to subside but bigger issues loom on the horizon. Now we need to get him to focus on his studies so that he can find a good job with health care before we have to drop him from ours.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Hang in there - it does get better!

i am so glad he is doing well, i have been thinking of him, the travel hockey would make me nervous but i guess he is in the rhythm of it all, i would not forget my toothbrush, medicine ect. so i guess he would never forget his supplies just part of his daily living so good for him for living it and for you for letting him! what a great role model your son had turned into, you should be proud! amy

My daughter is 12, diagnosed 2 years ago this April. I was definitely where you are!! I don't think you ever stop being concerend but you do get to a point where it does not consume you as much. I have done the same as you, educated myself as much as possible. You are the one who will know your child the best for now and how things affect him. I have to say that as the days pass, you will learn more frome experience than just what you can read in books and online.
I still write down everything my daughter eats so that we can continue to learn how foods affect her.
I still get up every night to check her blood sugar. I don't think that part goes away unless you get a CGM that will alert you.
with regard to everything else, I do believe it gets easier because you learn how to best avoid the severe highs and lows!!!!! The amount of work you do on a daily and nightly basis will not change much until your child is older and can learn to help but it does get easier!!!!!! You will be able to eyeball food portions and carb counts etc.
My suggestion would be to keep a Calorie King book with you. Also there are a few smart phone apps that help me.CalorieKing and GoMeals are 2 good ones to help me look up carbs.
I share this because this seems to be the biggest time consuming part of the diabetes.
Do you have a church or a support group? I have found that my faith has gotten me through a lot as well!! I definitley have to say that finding another family with a child with T1D is the most helpful. Someone you can talk to or communicate with that really gets it!!!! There are plenty of people who are compassionate but truly, until you've lived it, there is no real understanding of what T1D Parents are going through.
I pray you get to a place where you feel better and more confident about what it take s on a daily basis. My daughter is happy and very athletic. She does not let T1 stop her (MOST OF THE TIME). I feel more and more confident everyday that she can do anything she sets her mind to. I can't tell you not to worry because sometimes I lose focus and let that consume me, then I count my blessings and try to redirect my thoughts on the positives:
She can lead a long happy life with T1 AND its not terminal (I just had a dear friend lose their 11 year old daughter to stage 4 cancer) I remind myslef it could be worse.
I hope this helps!! I am not trying to discount your feelinigs at all!!!! I was where you are a year ago. I just want to encourage you!!! Blessings to you!!

Curt's Mom, my daughter was dx'd two years ago. Is it better?......yeeeeees, never stop worrying. I've written about our experiences

There are many other great blogs by moms of kids with T1. As the mother of a son, you might like

Hang in there!