Complications Return

Well I got some numbers back that threw me for a loop, a BIG loop. I am not surprised given my history of trying to be compliant. But my ALB/creatinine ratio was over 1,000. And my concentrated creatinine was over 800. That’s got to be well around 800-900% post normal. So what’s it all mean? CKD likely. CKD for those who don’t known the acronym is chronic kidney disease. It’s just another add-on to the list of complications I have from this disease:

  • ED
  • GERD
  • CKD?
  • Bad eyes

So suffice to say, how am I coping? I’m not actually. I am scared s***less. Not out of the fact that this is my doing from years of thinking there was a river in Egypt. But out of the fact that the numbers mean my body is finally giving in and crying for intervention.

I do want to beat 61 (age that is). But the reality is I need to beat me.

I have decided to not only start working harder at this, I have also created a blog at called The Diabetic Napan ( where people can see my daily (or nearly daily) chronicle of my struggles, and hopefully successes.

I also will keep everyone here at TuD in touch as well and ask for your prayer and encouragement.

I am sorry to hear about your struggles! God is with you!!!

I see you are on insulin so that is good. How often are you testing? Do you have a background and a fast acting insulin? Do you count carbs? I know all these questions are not what you want to hear, but I was just curious as to what we can possibly change to fight the battle.

We are all rooting for you. I think it may be possible to reverse some diabetic related damage by getting your bs under control (blood sugar, not…although maybe that’s valid, too. We all need constant reality checks.) Good luck to you.