I'm sorry- I mainly hop on tudiabetes when I'm panicking about something - but I could really use your input.

Just got my lab results in the mail after asking for a copy - the doctor did not go over them, nor did she indicate there were any problems (new endo though, as we've just moved). We've been under LOTS of stress lately, moving, new jobs, torn meniscus... fun, fun, fun. I know I've not been taking the best care... too many carbs (by far) and too little water - also a couple of glasses of wine in the evenings and coffee in the mornings - so I know dehydration may be a factor...

My numbers were as follows:

Microalbumin 13.6 mg/L
Creatinine 42 mg/dL
Albumin/Creatinine Ratio 32.4 (H)
BUN 13
Crea .06
BUN/CREA ratio 21.60 (H)
eGFR >60

Glucose was 137 fasting - triglycerides 333; cholesterol 211,.

Somehow they failed to get an A1C, but I'd suspect around a high 7 to an 8... Last 3 months it was 7.3.

Does this sound like something I should be panicking over - or could it be dehydration and stress? I've been diabetic for 25 years, so not much surprises me anymore - but I sure was hoping not to deal with kidney problems for many more years if ever...

My main concern is that the doctor didn't order more tests... does that mean she doesn't consider it a concern - or just didn't bring it up?

Any words of wisdom (or comfort) are welcome! Thank you so much...


Well, the fact that eGFR is > 60 means you are not in the category of chronic kidney disease....

I'm guessing that the first two numbers (microalbumin and Creatinine) are the urine tests

and the later creatinine number is the blood test. Could you have mistyped that 2nd creatinine number ? 0.06 looks wrong. usually it is a number near 1.

The slightly elevated BUN/Creatinine number is likely due to slight dehydration as you said...that's what the doctor told me whenever I asked about BUN/Creatinine over 20 when the Creatinine itself (and eGFR, which is calculated from that, your sex, and age) is OK.

Microalbumin < 30 is also OK. Several consecutive tests over 30 mg/L indicates a problem.

I'm by no means an expert, but learned about these numbers when I recently had kidney surgery unrelated to diabetes.

If you have questions , call up the doctor and ask, but on first glance it looks OK and not near CKD.

Could you have meant the serum creatinine is 0.6 instead of 0.06 ?
0.6 would be normal for a woman.

Also a spot urine creatinine of 42 looks normal too.

I think your tests look good, I suffer from chronic kidney issues and your numbers are good. If my numbers looked like yours my doctors would be all smiles.Personaly I think your tests would have been perfect if you had been a little more hydrated...if your bun ratio is high and all of your other numbers are good usually just means your dehydrated. JMHO

Here is what my tests look like

I have stage 1 Kidney issues:


Component Your Value Standard Range Units
SODIUM 137 135-145 mmol/L
POTASSIUM, BLD 5.2 3.4-4.5 mmol/L
CHLORIDE 103 98-109 mmol/L
CO2 22 22-31 mmol/L
BUN 43 6-23 mg/dL
CREATININE 1.44 0.67-1.17 mg/dL
GLUCOSE 93 70-139 mg/dL
CALCIUM 9.3 8.4-10.2 mg/dL
ANION GAP 12 6-16 mmol/L
BUN/CREAT RATIO 29.9 10.0-20.0 mg/mg creat
GFR 50 >60 mL/min/1.73 m2

Thank you to all of you... REALLY, thank you!

I did make a typo on the creatinine - it was 0.6, rather than .06...

And I'll tell you, I'm taking this as a wake up call - I am making steps to better my glucose control and lose weight - and this was a good reminder that those steps can help possibly prevent some of the complications down the line. (Not always, I know - but at least help the preventable problems).

Thanks again... I feel much better.

It's hard dealing with Health Anxiety when you're diabetic - b/c normally when you talk to a doctor about it they just tell you all your fears are NOT ungrounded, rather than calming you down, it just makes you more anxious. I wonder if there are ANY hypochondriac Diabetics? ;) Seems the two are mutually exclusive!

OK... 0.6 for serum creatinine is good too..