Complications with symlin?

hi all,

my name is lyndsey and i just joined the group. i havent had time to read all of scott’s posts yet, but i have an important question.

what types of side effects/complications have you had with symlin?

ive been using it for about 5months and i was horribly sick to my stomach for at least the first two. i stuck with it and it seems to be really, really helping me. the nausea has mostly subsided, as long as i dont try to eat too much. but then today about 20 minutes after i took my lunchtime symlin shot and ate 1/2 turkey sandwich i started feeling really really ill. i barely made it to the bathroom before it came up. (sorry if thats gross).

i had heard a while back about someone who developed some kind of disease from taking symlin that makes you vomit up what ever you eat within 30 minutes of finishing. do any of you know what that is called? has it happened to any of you?
oh dear. i hope thats not happening to me…

I haven’t heard of any diseases derived from taking Symlin, but some people (particularly those with type 1) have had very severe nausea. In some cases, people have told me that they have had to discontinue using Symlin as a result of it, in other cases, they have to dose their rapid-acting insulin after they eat in case they cannot finish (it helps reduce hypoglycemia, I guess). You might try contacting Allison Blass, who is a former Symlin user herself … I’m not sure if she had these issues or not, only that she stopped it because she felt it was more trouble than it was worth for her.

I read that the reason symlin makes people so sick is because they body isn’t used to having the food in the system for a longer period. Symlin slows down the digestive system so that the insulin has a better chance to work on the food in your system.

I’ve also heard that if you ramp up your dosage of Symlin slowly it can help prevent nausea.

My doctor and I have did that. I am not having the nausea like I was, but I still have it on occasion and on those days I just take some pheneragin and I am usually good

Maybe this is a silly question but what is phenaragin? I’m seriously considering going on Symlin and I’m guessing that’s something I should ask about when I talk to my doctor next week.

anti nausea medication. It comes in pills or suppisitories. My Dr has me keep both in the house so that I don’t have to make a trip to the e.r. if I get sick