Any Symlin users out there? My dr. gave me a prescription but now that I am back on MDI, I’m wondering if another shot is worth feeling full? Any thoughts?

HI Amy,

I tried Symlin 4 yrs ago, also when I was on MDI. I had three little girls at home and found it all "too much" esp as the nausea was significant for me at the lowest dose. It really does work, in that it cut my insulin dose down significantly and for sure I did not want to eat as much :) Probably its worth giving it a "shot" (sorry!) for at least a week to see how you adjust and react! Good luck!

I’m not sure if it’s a fluke or not but all morning as I’ve been researching this whole topic, I’ve been starving! I hate to think that my body can’t regulate my hunger…

i started it back in aug. and i lost 15 pounds in 3 months. i never want to eat to much now. i only use it when i am going to eat and then i take it like 15-20 mins before i eat so i dont get nausea if i wait after i eat i feel nausea but my dr. said that would go away i went from 15 to 45 in 3 months now i could not live with out it i just wish it would go in to my pump but it does not. good luck

Hmmm. I’m not on Symlin, but am considering it. I’m not terribly overweight, but would be much happier if I could shed a few lbs, and wow, no matter what I do, is that hard for my body to accept!! My doc temporarily put me on Phentermine, which up to now is the only thing that keeps me from being famished 24-7. If I dont’ take it, I’m so, SO hungry! I am scared of symlin though b/c i have a really bad stomach, and am worried about too much nausea? Also, does it only fill you up fuller while eating, or will it help with my insatiable hunger all of the time I wonder?

Same here. I started taking it back in 2005 and lasted maybe 1-2 months. Didn’t like the nausea, even at the lowest dose. The other thing I hated was being back on a pre-meal shot at every meal when I’d been pumping for 5 years already. It was one more thing to worry with, carry around, etc, for me at a time when I was barely keeping afloat with my diabetes care.

I’ll consider trying it again in the future perhaps. I got my A1c under control, lost weight on Weight Watchers, and am now a mommy to an 11-month old and want more kids, so I think I will wait a few more years before I revisit the idea.

I tried Symlin for a couple of months over the summer. I went off of it when school started because I was paranoid about timing becauuse I am a teacher. I will say that I NEVER felt nausea…I did feel full from time to time. I actually didn’t even have to cut my insulin in half which was a little discouraging because I thought if I could lower my daily insulin averages I could lose a little weight. It definitely helped in lowering my A1C from a 7.7 to a 6.7 in only 3 months!!! I really want to go back on it to see if it can help me lose some weight but I have to figure out how to make it work when I’m in charge of 22 6 year olds all day. Not to mention I want to start ttc this summer and I’m not sure if Symlin has any negative affects. Anyone else out there know???

I believe most docs want you off of Symlin during pregnancy. I haven’t heard of anyone continuing it at least.

Hi Gina,
I have been taking symlin on and off for a couple of years. I did feel nausea for the first couple of weeks BUT I did feel full the rest of the time. I work at a storage facility and the office is connected to my apartment and I am constantly feet away from the refrigerator. When I take the symlin I feel full and not on the prowl for food…it honestly doesnt even cross my mind. I also lose weight when I am taking it. Symlin also helps your stomach empty out slower whcich makes you feel full longer. I love it I just sometimes forget to take it and I have to work on that. Whichever way you choose, to try it or not, I wish you the best of luck.

I’ve been on Symlin since September and I love it! I never experienced any nausea but the overwhelming “full” feeling gets me once in awhile. I’m much less hungry than I used to be (I never realized I was hungry all the time). It’s nice. I also have to be careful when I bolus from my pump I usually wait 30 minutes to bolus otherwise I might end up low despite having just eaten a meal.