We went to Muse over the weekend - awesome show in Boston. They are often touted as "best live band," and it's no secret as to why. :)

I have this debate with my friends all the time - What's the best live show you've seen? My vote is for Radiohead at the Field Day Festival in NJ a few years ago. It was the best live show I have ever, ever seen.

I would say Peter Gabriel in Phoenix, AZ (2002 or 2003) or Bob Dylan in Sun City, AZ (2001).

When I worked at Barton, a few weeks before the start of each summer camp session I would start listening to pop radio stations so I would know what the heck the kids were talking about when they arrived :slight_smile: I dont even know who “Muse” are. Oy but I’m old.

Brad Paisley, this past April, here in Statesboro, GA. Brad also had Taylor Hicks and Kelly Pickler with him. Brad was awsome and provided the star power for the show. Taylor provided the cute factor. Kelly came out wearing her red shoes and tight blue jeans, and provided the sex factor.