It really was the time of my life:)

Well last Thursday night was PUMPYS FIRST CONCERT we went to see American Idol.All the Idols were AMAZING!! It seemed like there were Angels all around me that night. That was the night before my planter faciltis foot surgery. But thats another blog in story. Well went totally Crazy that night my loudest screams were when David cook came out to sing. The time of my life was my all time favorite.And i felt like my grandma was looking down on me because as i looked up there were purple lights in the nose bleeder seats. I was on the groud floor really close. And as you american idol fans know thatsong. I FELT LIKE I WAS NOT JUST A FACE IN THE CROWD.And so i took my Pumpy out and showed the arena that its OK!!! TO BE KNOWN THAT YOU HAVE DIABETIES! as i looked around i noticed other pumpers and friends from tu and Beleivers.And knew my surgery will go well in the morning. After the concert we hung out for awhile watching media. Trying to get a glimpse of idols leaving. Then we heard some screams and followed hem. There were the tour buses. We did get to talk to Brooke w, SEYESA,carly.Michael j,Dave a, jason c. I did get a blue diabetiies bracelet to dave a and high fived him. And the other one to David cook by way of security guard I thank him a bunch. Then they made everyone leave at 1200am. Because buses were pulling out.Well American idols YOU ROCKED! 1 bEST OF LUCK ON YOUR TOUR

Hello! DI!!! sounds like you had a blast! did you take pictures?