Last night I saw Phish in Chicago. The venue was great--they played a small outdoor stadium on a peninsula in the lake on the site of the former Meigs Field, with the downtown skyline visible behind the stage. It was my first rock'n'roll show with good glycemic control (Well...since whenever the D started: '07 or '08.). I like to dance extensively at these showz--well, maybe some would say 'spastically twitch'. All I can say after last night is: WOW! Just...WOW! Who would have thought that something as mundane as good blood sugar concentration would so greatly improve my ability to direct the psychedelic energy field coruscating between the band and audience and direct it through my own body, where it just jerked me around like a marionette. It also really reinforced my desire to get a CGM. While no runner, I can dance pretty hard and sometimes my feet are off the ground a lot. After a totally awesome rendition of "Birds of a Feather" that had me completely seized up with dancing, I thought maybe I was getting low, couldn't test, and popped 3 glucose tabs. The low was probably my imagination, since 30 minutes later at the break when I could test I was at 109. Mostly close to 80 that evening. There was no time for dinner, but I was well fueled by a snack of a handful of homemade fried pork rinds and a small glass of heavy cream beforehand (covered by basal)...lasted till dinner at 1AM!

Any other heavy rock'n'roll dancers here? How do you handle your BG?

Heh heh...more showz tonight and tomorrow. There will be no repeated songs in 3 consecutive Phish showz. I'm gonna rock...


Don't know about "dancing" but TMBG's "The Guitar" usually results in some serious pogo-ing on my part :-)

I've been to several Phish and Moe. shows with my pump and I can say that I 've had a BLAST. Good control is vital when I am standing for several hours watching a jam band go on and on and on.

Here's to you having even more great shows.


Good control helps you enjoy everything, especially moe. & Radiohead & U2 & ...

Saturday and Sunday were also great...specially Sunday. I now see what drives the runners and bikers insulin sensitivity kept rising all weekend, and my BG just got flatter and flatter. As a non-D friend commented Sunday night: 'It was like popping a karmic pustule!"