Confused about Tandem's Animas welcome program

I use the Animas Ping. My warranty doesn’t expire until October 2020. I understand that Medtronic’s welcome program allows people with warranties expiring AFTER September 2019 to switch to their 630g system for free. I think Medtronic is the axis of all evil, plus I love my Dexcom, so I want to look into Tandem. But Tandem’s transfer program doesn’t make any sense to me, and seems to be the opposite of Medtronic. Theirs says if your Animas warranty expires BEFORE September 2019 then you can pay $1000 to switch to the Tandem pump, with this offer only being valid until March 2018.

So in my case, it appears their welcome offer does not apply to me, but even IF I can continue ordering my Animas pump supplies from Medtronic next year without any issues (and I’m thinking that may be a big IF since they seem to be having a hard time servicing their already existing customers), I am very worried that my Animas Ping will malfunction and I will be left immediately without a replacement pump. For that reason I want to just switch to the Tandem pump now.

Furthermore, I don’t think Tandem is an in-network provider for my insurance company (Aetna), so does anyone know if there is a third party supplier that sells the Tandem pumps and works with Aetna? Has anyone on the Animas Ping already investigated the transfer process with Tandem?

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@hollymateluber - Call Tandem direct.

Explain your situation and what you want to do. Provide the insurance details. If you have already decided you want the Tandem technology then give the Tandem Customer Service the opportunity to try and make it work for you.

You have nothing to lose.

When we switched from the Animas Ping to the Tandem X2 earlier this year, our insurance also did not work direct with Tandem. So, Tandem looked at everything and put us in contact with a distributor that worked with our insurance company. When you get right down to it - I don’t care where the pump comes from.
We still call Tandem for Technical Support if need be. So no difference to me.


I called Tandem twice. The CSR, who was very knowledgeable about Animas’s demise, explained to me that Tandem was a small company and could afford to make an offer to people with warranties expiring after Sept. 2019.

Thanks Dave. So if I’m understanding correctly, since my warranty expires in oct 2020 but I will only be able to obtain animas supplies until sept 2019—in September of 2019, I will probably have to pay the whole cost of a new T:slim? I wonder if insurance will even cover a new pump for me at all then, since the warranty technically lasts for 4 years but mine will only be 3 years in.

Holly, I may be wrong, but I think that if you take the Medtronics pump,
you will be able to get a new pump, through insurance, when your warranty
expires in October, 2020.

I would be shocked if distributors do not have shelves and shelves of product available. I assume you get your pump supplies through a distributor? Try calling them and ask them how long they project to be able to keep you supplied for.

Yes indeed, and, after looking at the manual for the new medtronic pump, it seems to me as it is a carbon copy of the animas, how sad that they (the axis) yet again copy a good design and that the original designer go belly up…

Byram told me they will have supplies through 2019. That said, I think I am going to take Insulet up on the Omnipod offer just to have some extra things around the house!

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Lots of Omnipod users here that would love to help you out with any questions you run into !!!

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Yes, and the podd folks are very loyal and happy! I’m just not totally the ideal person for the pod since I only use 17 units per day and also use a hot tub every day (which the jury is out on regarding insulin degrading). I just do not want that 630 G and I cannot use a Tslim.

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Is it medtronic you don’t like, or just the 630. I think they may still sell the 523, which I got last year.

I’ve been a Medtronic customer since 2008 and most of the time think they’re the “axis of evil” too. I started pumping in 2001 with a Disetronic pump. I loved it. Disetronic lost their FDA approvals in about 2006, so I decided to get s new pump and picked the Cozmo. My Cozmo pump was recalled twice in 2 years and then that company was getting out of the insulin pump business. Medtronic, OmniPod, and Animas all offered free trade ins for their pumps until my Cozmo warranty expired. I chose Medtronic. I chose them because they held 70% of the market. In 9 years my supplies were always delivered correctly and on time.
Axis of evil or no, my newest CGM is darn accurate and I’m sure my supplies will always be delivered. As a long term diabetic I need my peace of mind.

I am deaf (I have a cochlear implant so I can hear but the phone thing is a bit iffy) so when I need to call dexcom, animus, or anyone, I depend on my husband for that.
This whole tandem tradein thing won’t work for me as I have a warranty until 2020. I don’t want to trade in my dexcom to go with Medtronic and their pump so I guess I have to accept the animus has worked pretty well for me for 12-13 years, so maybe I just have to hunker down and stay tuned in to when a tandem may be in my future.
Having been type 1 for 47 years, I have to take a long view and recall when disposable syringes were “cutting edge” and when blood glucose machines were super expensive and pretty clunky.
Bottom line I guess, we need to advocate and educate ourselves and share. Encouragement is so important and I am glad I found this blog.

@Merritt, With Tandem expecting to release its version of a closed loop system (which will use the Dexcom) in summer of 2019, if you were to wait until 2020 for your next pump upgrade then it would give you the opportunity to hear feedback from how people feel about this update. Potentially it could be quite beneficial and help you decide what is the most reasonable upgrade path for you.

The timeframe might really work in your favor.

Thank you David, you are right!
I decided to use the animus until they work out the bugs. I bet I will be able to upgrade next year and by then, perhaps there will be a smoother transition.

Thank you for your encouragement and support!

Merritt McKeon, Esq.