Need a insulin pump

I’m hoping someone here can help me. I’m in a predicament and need all of your advise. Unfortunately I am one of the many Animas users that will need to pick a new pump. My Animas Ping is in warranty till Jan 2020. The last supply shipments for ping users will occur in Sept 2019 if they don’t run out sooner. That leaves me with 4 months still left on my warranty and no supplies to cover them. I really want to change to the Tandum t-slim pump. I know I can get a free replacement from Medtronics for the 630 or 670 but I really don’t want it. I’m scared if I change to Medtronics before my warranty expiration date my insurance will force me to stay with Medtronics. The Tandum rep told me if I buy the Tandum pump the insurance will cover the supplies because they can use the same codes. I have a child in college and purchasing a insulin pump full price is not an option at this moment. So I was hoping someone here can find it in their hearts to help me. I’m hoping to find someone who is willing to let me borrow, sell, or donate an old working insulin pump to hold me over for the 4-5 months or so. Preferably a Tandum. Or anyone willing to donate old animals supplies to hold me over till my expiration date in Jan. If you can help please let me know. God Bless you all.

Did your insurance assume you would have an in warranty medtronic pump, to force you to stay?

My guess is that the medtronic 630 would be a refurbished/replacement pump, with warranty to end when your Ping warranty was up.

If you then have MM pump out of warranty (e.g. MM 630), this should not prevent new Tandem. But each company and insurance is different.

Have you spoken to Tandem yet?

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I spoke with my insurance. They told me if I do the exchange program with Medtronics then come Jan 2020 when my warranty ends they would not approve a new pump unless the new Medtronics was malfunctioning in some way. They would just provide supplies until I had a problem. They said when insulin pumps go out of warranty they don’t usually approve a new one.

If I remember correctly Tandem will let you rent a pump until the warrantee is up on your old pump. This is for people in your situation. Give them a call

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Thank you. I will give them a call. I saw the Rep at TCOYD and she didn’t mention that at all. I spoke with her on what my options were and that was never offered. I will call them and ask. Thank you.