Animas tandem upgrade pogram, or wait for insurance?

Hi everyone!

I am an animas/dexcom user, and looking at the tslim: x2 pump versus the omnipod to replace me animas vibe. I am waiting to hear about the potential costs after insurance, but has anyone one gone through the animas/tandem upgrade program? And is there a reason to wait another year (my insurance is up in Oct. 2018) as it relates to new pump technology woh tandem? (Ie will there be any new physical pump changes in the works with tandem to wait for, so that I do not need to upgrade later?

Omnipod has always been interesting, but prefer the connected pump wi5 dexcom integration so I have fewer things to lose!


according to the tandem website its $999.00 to get the pump for animas users. Not sure how it will work for insurance, etc. i dont qualify as i have medicare and i live in the state of massachusetts. but that is what it says.

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Is your pump warranty up in 2018? I would wait if that is the case. I had the worst time ever with the pod deal. They stopped offering me assistance after I said I would like them to check with my insurance and then let me do the trial deal (the Animas deal) before I made any actual orders. As soon as I said I would not replace my last Ping order with pods, and without an insurance quote, they stopped Emailing me. Dreadful experience.

Yeesh! That sounds awful. It does seem that the customer service deteriorates when they feel they have enough customers…

I have heard good things about Tandems customer service, hoping that will be the case. And I am planning to wait until 2018 and the insurance switch, then we will see…

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Tandem service was fantastic. I liked the pump too but I had to get money back because it just wouldnt work for me. A few others have had the same issue, but not many. If it would have worked, I would have kept it no problem!

Good to know - thank you!