Confusing highs

I am an omnipod and Dexcom G4 user.
I am not sure what’s going on with this data. But, might be the result of:

1.) Extreme inactivity due to broken down car and lots of computer work. Could my basals have increased and require major rework?

2.) Bad hardware - I noticed some unusual sensor error last night. I changed my pod to be on the safe side with that.

3.) Sudden increases in basal requirements.

4.) Other

I’m all over the map. Only in range for short periods. So, generally, I would start bumping up the basal to cut down on the roller coaster effect. But, I just bumped them down to eliminate a bunch of lows. I decreased basals by only 10% and things were looking good for a few weeks. Then, this…

Any votes for a particular action or intuition about next steps is appreciated. Feeling not good at all.

Have you changed your pod? Have you changed the pod’s location to an area that has never been used before? Have you changed vials? Is there any tell-tale sign on the pod’s tape, when you remove it, that the insulin is not going in? That I believe is called tunneling. I had a really hard time and didn’t know what was happening. It turned out that I wasn’t absorbing the insulin. I’ve changed locations, anywhere off of my belly, and no longer bolus through the pod, just via injection. I’ve read where if you keep your bolus through the pod low enough, it will absorb better, but I haven’t tried it. I feel for you. I remember how trying that time was! Best of luck as you sort it out! Ohhh, and just to be fair, and that it isn’t just the pod’s fault … you’re not hormonal or stressed out or ill or …?

Oh … and I’d also ask … when was the last time you did any basal testing?

Last basal tests were Jan 20th to 30th. I was running a little low, so I decreased 10% across the board.

I did change arms, but that might not be good enough since I always wear it on my arms (although I move around sites there). Good suggestion to try another site before resetting everything. I think insulin was being delivered because I was able to bring down those highs, but it took a ridiculous amount of insulin. I do believe insulin absorption is suspect. I will examine that first thing. Thank you.

I bumped the basal back up 10% yesterday.

You’re welcome! I hope it works for you. I’ve been rotating between my arms and legs now and it is working out very well.

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I will try that.

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This happens to me, too, at times where absorption just doesn’t appear to be occurring. I use abdomen, lower back and arms and at times, arms especially, have trouble absorbing. Other times they are okay. Good luck finding a good spot!


Despite changing pump sites every 3rd day (generally after less than 50Units total per site), every once in a while I’ll start a new site that just doesn’t allow insulin absorption. This despite never putting sites into past (used and scarred) sites. There are just some areas of the body that won’t absorb, even if they appear to be virgin fatty tissue.

My abdomen was so site-scarred that several months ago I started using the inside of my thighs (I used the outside of legs exclusively as a kid growing up and I suspect there still is residual fat build up even after so many years).

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Ahh HA! Sensor is producing garbage data. Never had that happen before. Must have been from when supplies shipped during the extreme cold.

That makes a lot of things make a lot of sense. Probably should have caught this sooner. I suspected I had a minor stoke several weeks ago because I couldn’t think straight, but my sugar was normal. It probably wasn’t normal. It was probably low.