Connection between Diabetes and OSA


Thought since I’m already blogging on my own site ( about sleep apnea, and that I know how much diabetes is connected to sleep apnea, that from time to time I’d share discoveries I find out about the connection between diabetes and sleep apnea. As the research below indicates, managing sleep apnea will help management of your diabetes.

This article just came out today:

Also, check this out:

"Recent epidemiological, biological, and behavioral evidence suggests that sleep disorders may contribute to the development of diabetes; conversely, diabetes itself may contribute to sleep disorders. Sleep appears to moderate the neurohormones that regulate blood glucose. Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders contribute to pathophysiological changes associated with the development of type 2 diabetes. In people who already have diabetes, sleep deprivation contributes to elevations of hemoglobin A1c. Symptoms that occur as a result of diabetes, such as nocturia and neuropathic pain, may in turn contribute to sleep disturbance and exacerbate sleep deprivation. The purposes of this article are to examine the scientific basis for the associations between diabetes and sleep, identify gaps in the understanding of the empirical underpinnings of these relationships, and propose directions for future research."



Dear Mike.

I would agree and even generalized it to most stress could be a factor in developping diabetes and stress will make diabetes management much more difficult. And you bet diabetes makes sleep more difficult.

My husband has both diabetes and sleep apnea, but I didn’t know there was a connection between the two. Thanks for an informative article! I’ll send a link to it to hubby now.

sure thing. I think I’m “coming down” with diabetes because of having spent so long not treating my sleep apnea properly.

I had apnea long before my diabetes…

here’s another article that you might consider: